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IDENTITY - a unique combination of indoor and long-term experience and actions aimed at the outside world, which determines the sequence of reactions in various situations.

Our company CENTRE FOR PERSONALITY - offers you a variety of unique destinations study of human personality by making psychological and physiognomic portrait Person (using closed techniques and psychological technologies) allowing fully explore the features individual characteristics, inclinations, orientation and several other characteristics of the studied personality.

Why do you need our services and what their benefits for you?

1. If you head
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- identify all your qualities, characteristics and priorities of each of your person, for example your business - partner, accountant, colleague or deputy ;
- to create an image or correct it (better, a little change, redirect / coordinate, etc.), create a physiognomic image (image for effective negotiations);
- pick a suitable mate for the personal qualities (compatibility of work and approaches);
- effectively distribute the people on the job site - in accordance with their abilities and personal characteristics (talkative, capricious, "single", etc.);
- to build a truly "Teamwork»;
- to improve those "features" of the collective, and that you need to correct what's stopping you;
- study partners directly during negotiations;
- advance to protect themselves from communicate with people not cleanly without moral and financial losses;
- significantly reduce anxiety in dealing with people;
- receive individual or business consultation;
- etc.

2. If you are a representative of Recruitment
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- effectively select personnel for the customer - certainly adequate and appropriate (psychological) needs and wishes of the employer jobs;
- ideally choose almost any job applicant, taking into account the whole range of its features;
- to improve the efficiency of work in the selection of candidates for the job;
- to improve its image, prestige both to customers and candidates (to emphasize the seriousness of the approach their work, competence and reliability);
- etc.

3. If you strive for personal and professional growth
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- look at yourself - as a person on the results of the practical psychologist - personology, physiognomists - read your own psychological / physiognomic / Graphological / combined portrait;
- to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and get recommendations, advice;
- to determine what would / could be improved and how to do it;
- determine the scope of the effective implementation of its features;
- to determine the direction in which most effectively develop further;
- to determine what is causing you discomfort and is the cause of dissatisfaction, a problem complex;
- to reveal their personality traits, aptitudes, some do not understand your points clear in the conduct and character;
- see the psychological trauma (the presence, direction);
- etc.

4. If you care about your safety
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- advance to study human interests (remotely), to make it a psychological portrait - namely, "open" and a set of core additional features, priorities, values, abilities, positive and negative personality traits;
- identify the risks of communication (tendency to cruelty, sadism, alcohol abuse, lies, fraud, etc.);
- and so on. d.

5. If you are interested in the "new" people
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- advance to study human interests (remotely), to make it a psychological portrait - namely, "open" a set of core and additional features, priorities, values, abilities, positive and negative personality traits;
- to determine the compatibility of your characters in personal relationships and in the labor cooperation;
- prioritize communication;
- to disclose interests man;
- understand his aspirations and ambitions for the presence of personal growth;
- to determine the level of intellectual and physical development;
- etc.

6. If you have children and you want to "solve" their ability to
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- determine the inclination of the child, a teenager;
- the desire to determine the child / adolescent;
- pick it interesting and developmental activity (capture);
- to identify a suitable career, according to the type and characteristics of his personality;
- etc.

7. If you want to make someone an unusual gift
that with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- give a man his psychological profile, which is unusual emphasize its individual characteristics and carefully mark the moments that ( if desired) can be corrected or turned into an advantage;
- give a discount for a psychological portrait;
- give an opportunity to make a psychological portrait as a gift, or any other present embodiment;
- t. d.

8. If you love or appreciate friendship
it with our help, you have the opportunity to:

- advance to study human interests (remotely), to make it a psychological portrait - namely, "open" and a set of core additional features, priorities, values, abilities, positive and negative personality traits;
- to determine the compatibility of your characters;
- pick a suitable partner for the personal qualities;
- to determine personality traits, positive and negative (namely in relation to you) quality partner to understand some innate characteristics, behavior, reactions, injuries, etc.

Remote or consulting work?
Work our psychologist personology, physiognomists - can be remote (only on the basis of the materials received from the customer to compile a psychological portrait) or include advanced internal consultation and the subsequent creation of a psychological portrait of personality (in this case, drawing a brief post-consultation portrait of personality - is included in the consultation).
The results of our work are provided in written form, which will allow customers to repeatedly familiarize with important for him personality traits and, if desired, to work towards appropriate adjustments Personality (counseling, therapy, training, etc.).

The choice of work order and the price
The type of work style and the amount determined by the customer (from 5 to 100 A4 pages of text, depending on the filling).

1 - stage. client (customer) chooses the work that he wants to order. Work can be combined (on request) or selected from a list of proposed works. Complete information - provide the representative of our company in your area.

To get information on options you can here .

After the formation of the client combination of your order - is determined by the total value of the order.
If the work is not to combine, but corresponds to the proposed options - you introduce a fixed price regional representatives of our company.

2 - stage. client (customer) orders the selected job to a company representative, is informed that it is in the list of requirements is necessary to provide for the further processing of the order and provides the necessary to perform work requirements (see. profile Order ).
In addition, a representative to coordinate the timing and options work, as well as form of payment.


Pay attention to the fact that questionnaire order is a big list requirements. Items in this list - it's the general requirements for performing the full and deep studies of personality. Depending on what kind of work do you prefer - and will depend on a set of requirements according to your order. For example, for a brief physiognomic portrait of personality - from the client is required to provide information in accordance with the first to the fifth paragraph of profiles Order , etc.

A company representative and discount
The representative of the company - this is your coordinator in the selection order, its prices and discounts.
Its mission - to inform you about the version of the work, their amounts, essentially, deadlines and possible reductions in price.
Representatives of our company can be found in section "Contacts"
If you have dealing with someone you do not find on the site, but to act on our behalf (which is possible in the case of the initial phase of this person in our company) - please contact your CYL in charge of your region (only mandatory call indicated on website!) and check with him all the necessary information.
In case of difficulty, refer to the Company at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

marked "question the leadership." Psychologists our company - on the website under "Our psychologists" - are not regional representatives CYL.



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