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Consultations child psychologist

Consultations child psychologist

Natalia Tishchenko

Energodiagnostika as the practice of self-discovery and treatment can improve the quality and satisfaction with life, to bring balance and harmony not only themselves, but also close people.

Child psychologist usually works not only by the child, but also with his parents. Without the help of parents, with no change in the usual style of education, without their support to resolve the problem child is much more difficult.

Typically, the first step is to talk with parents about the problems that brought them to the consultation. Optional - psychologist can go to your home. Then, a diagnosis of the child, psychological conversation with him in order to assess the problems and find the appropriate correction techniques. Then, a correctional work.

Practical psychologist, master of psychology; art therapist (direction: symboldrama / work with miniature objects / skazkoterapiya / interactive games /) tsvetootdelenie (diagnosis and recovery of energy with special psychological techniques using color), work with children had undergone traumatic events (SSET program USA). Certified psychologist with years of experience in the field of psychological counseling (more)

Practical psychologist will provide you with the following services:
- individual and family counseling;
- group training;
- highly professional assistance in identifying, correcting and overcoming the psychological problems related to:
crisis situations;
problems in the relationship;
diagnosis of child readiness for school.

Working with children staying in traumatic situations:

- Divorce of parents

- Separation from parents, relatives

- Loss

- Violence

- Failure in kindergarten, in school, "in the yard»

- Disorders of social functioning

- Waiver of kindergarten, school

- Shyness

- Resentment

- Pathological liar and thief

- Unmotivated leaving home

- demonstrative (hysteria)

- hyperdynamic behavior

- Shyness

- tearfully

- Violation of interest

- dependent behavior (nicotine, alcohol, drugs, game)

- Anger and aggression

- Alarm

- Fears

- Depressed mood

The cost of consulting a child psychologist - 400 UAH per hour.

The cost of consulting a child psychologist at the customer - 500 UAH per hour.

Tishchenko Natalia Tel: +38 (093) -025-65-54



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