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Listings News TSN on channel 1 + 1.

Alice Anisimova in the story of a smile. Topic: "The secret of youth".

Ether from 08.08.2012.

TV Program "Hello show" on TV channel M1.

Alice Anisimova guest program "Hello show" on TV channel M1. Subject: star fever.

Ether from 13.06.2012.

The television show "SHOUMONROU".

Participation in the new Alice Anisimova wonderful show - the project "SHOUMONROU" on the channel K1.

Ether from 12.06.2012.

The "Provocateur" on TV channel ICTV.

Alice Anisimova in the story about the handwriting (graphology). Subject: "Іndikator truth" (indicator of truth).

Ether from 19.05.2012.

TV Program "Friday" on the TV channel Russia 2.

Alice Anisimova in the story about the look.

Ether from 18.05.2012.

TV Program "Provocateur" on TV channel ICTV.

Alice Anisimova in the story of the children's aggression. Subject: Gene evil.

Ether from 12.05.2012.

TV Program "Snіdanok" (Breakfast) on channel 1 + 1

Alice Anisimova in the TV program "Snіdanok" (Breakfast) .Tema: Recruitment.

Ether from 05.04.2012.



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The "Anatomy of a child's personality" supported by the "Center for the Study of personality" holds two competitions of child work: "My favorite picture", "My favorite fairy tale." ..




Physiognomy - the science of the relationship between the appearance of man and an origin -
deniem his individual qualities, character, temperament, aptitudes, diseases ...



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social psycho- logical training, tools
moment of self-knowledge, vyrabotki skills interpersonal interaction,
corporate governance, prof. orientation ...



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expert, correctional, charitable and social work. ..