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Alice Anisimova visiting channel "1 + 1" Ukrainian TV

Physiognomy reveals the secrets of a smile.

Ether from 19.09.2011

TSN program "How difficult to find a job after 40 years"

The plot TCN news program about the complexities of the job search for people over 40 years. Your comment gave expert physiognomist Alice Anisimova.

Ether from 14.09.2011

Television News Service (TSN), channel 1 + 1

physiognomic analysis of Norwegian terrorist Breivik persons (Anisimova Alice expert - physiognomist)

Ether from 22.08.2011

STB Channel, program "parallel world"

As far as you in a pair of compatible if there skhozhet facial

Ether from

The "debriefing" on the TV channel Inter

Thread "Blondes vs. Brunettes"

Ether from June 18, 2011



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