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Dear visitors!

We are glad to introduce our group to "Facebook".



The new training.

In development is a new physiognomic training "Pressure" .

Soon you will be able to become parties to it.



« A new spectacular show - the project M + F (Monroe + Woman) !>>

The new spectacular show - the project

M + F (Monroe + Women)

with Alice Anisimova on the channel K1.

Watch for updates in media projects.



« Expert bar by the presence of forms of pressure on your face !>>

«First International Portal Webinar»


May 25 Master Class

«Expert bar by the presence of forms of pressure on the face»




to your attention joint project expert - physiognomists Alice Anisimova and programs "Snіdanok" (TV channel 1 + 1).



Follow esters show in section "Media projects"




Project " Working with emotions » jointly with the Center for Personality Announces the first youth photo contest - "My emotion»!




children's contest


«Anatomy of the child's personality" supported by Center for the study of personality

Declares once two children's art contest! With these tenders - your kids can get a lot of pleasant moments to learn to fend for themselves, a better understanding of their friends and meet new!

Конкурс "My favorite picture" (freestyle theme)

Конкурс "My favorite fairy tale»




There is a set of groups for training in September. Moscow

Treningi_sent2011 All who wish to learn to read the main types and characteristics of the persons invited to the unique training expert physiognomists Alice Anisimova.

Training " Lie to Me ". Part 1, 2 - September 10

Theory and practice of lying. Details of lies. Emotions and their reliability. Trainees will learn: how the process itself lies some muscular reactions it causes, and why "the system of lies" not available to everyone. Training participants will receive practical skills in identifying a lie.

Lead Training: Alice Anisimov. Cost of training: 6000 rubles. Training will take place on September 10 from 11.00 to 19.00 Make a request can be in the form of feedback communication. Kolchestvo places are limited! Refine venue and ask questions You can have a project manager Ponomareva Marina tel: 8-985-383-68-22 , 8-916-160-3554 .

Training "Marriage: Corrections" . - September 11

«Choose life partner carefully and deliberately. After all, this solution is 90% dependent on what your life will be filled for many years - the happiness or misery. " H. Jackson Brown "Life Tips»

How to find a compromise between love and its benefits? Training puts the task of examining the relationship in marriage, dealing with problems in relationships, overcoming injuries marriage and identifying errors. Once you have mastered a few simple steps, you can better understand your partner and prevent conflicts.

Lead Training: Alice Anisimova

Cost of training: 6000 rubles.

The training will be held on September 11 from 11.00 to 19.00
Make a request can be in the form of feedback.
Kolchestvo places are limited!
Refine venue and FAQ Project Manager Ponomareva Marina tel: 8-985-383-68-22, 8-916-160-3554


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News cyl

The "Anatomy of a child's personality" supported by the "Center for the Study of personality" holds two competitions of child work: "My favorite picture", "My favorite fairy tale." ..




Physiognomy - the science of the relationship between the appearance of man and an origin -
deniem his individual qualities, character, temperament, aptitudes, diseases ...



Training cyl

Training -
social psycho- logical training, tools
moment of self-knowledge, vyrabotki skills interpersonal interaction,
corporate governance, prof. orientation ...



Media projects

Experts cyl * the Receiving
are active in various media projects in the course of research,
expert, correctional, charitable and social work. ..