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CYL is individual counselingpsychologist -personology,physiognomists on the following issues:

- HR andpR technologies (design image, management style, etc.)

- Business - Consulting

- Development of a strategy to influence

- Theproblems ofpersonal growth

-psychological Management andpsychology of Management

- Counselling onpersonality and correction

- a familyperspective

- Interpersonal communication

- The climate of collective (group coordination and group adjustment) organization and conduct of the team robot

- Clinicalpsychology

- fear and anxiety

- Recruitment (andprofessional selection)

- Vocational guidance

To order consulting services you are making the request, which summarizes theproblem and send it to thepsychologist's e

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After receiving the confirmation of the consultation (start time and a way to communicate) Youpay at negotiated tariffs.

Options consultation:

On-Line (e-mail, ICQ, Skype) ;

internal consultation.

Ourprinciples in counseling:

1. In counseling - we individually select methods , thus excluding formulaic and stereotyped approaches to the client and hisproblem.








Reason dysfunction

Biological violation

potential Conflicts

Inadequate learning

Inadequate thinking


Evasion of responsibility

Family or social stress

Description customer service


Thepatient \ client


Client \patient

Thepatient or client

Thepatient or client


The key therapeutic administration

The biological intervention

The free association and interpretation


The argument



Social intervention

The goal of therapy

Biological recovery

Extensivepsychologists cal changes

Functional behavior

Flexible thinking


Authentic Life

An effective family or social system

2. We do not use and do not use the test methods. You may ask "why?". We give you the facts and arguments:

- Tests - have serious drawbacks. The test results can be greatly influenced by factors not related to intelligence, such as low motivation and a high degree of anxiety, as well as a number of other circumstances.

- Test - easy to "cheat", if aperson knows that has set itself the test, as well as if the testpassed it earlier.

- Entering into other states of consciousness (affect, stress, alcohol ) - answers to test items will be different.

In the city of Old Town (Maine SSCHA)police officer was fired after he refused to go plethysmographic testpenis ( penileplethysmograph test).

Test tried to use to assess the sexual urges of thepolice officer who was suspected of molesting children.

In order to make thispsychophysiological test, test girded rubberpenis tube filled with mercury and then in front of him on display videos or slides depicting naked children and adults of different sexes. When the subject sexually aroused, the tube is stretched - with the mercury captures excitement. Those carrying out the test, make a schedule and determine what excites test: what situations, adults or children, men or women, sex with violence or consensual sex.

psychologists say that although thepenisplethysmographic test gives accurate indicators of sexual excitation, it is devoid ofpredictive validity: its results can notpredict whether an individual in thepresence of such feelings toperform any actions (Barker & amp; Howell). The researchers also note that of all thepeople who are sexually excited children, few actually try to satisfy their desires. Therefore, this test can not determine whether aperson has committed a sexual offense, and the test results can not bepredicted whether he intended to make it in the future.

Thus, the officer accused the authorities of the city of Old Town in violation of his civil rights. The Court ruled to restore an officer in the service.

3. We use questionnaires (samooprosniki) - aspart of our work - aspart of the diagnosticprocedure.

4. We use the technique of a comprehensive study on theprofile ofpersonality "psychological andphysiognomicportrait ofpersonality", whose accuracy is 98%.

5. We do not use in our work and medicalpharmacological treatment andprevention.

6. We do not work with clients who are in theprocess of medical treatment by a doctor or apsychiatrist undergoing therapy.



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Physiognomy - the science of the relationship between the appearance of man and an origin -
deniem his individual qualities, character, temperament, aptitudes, diseases ...



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social psycho- logical training, tools
moment of self-knowledge, vyrabotki skills interpersonal interaction,
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