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Help in the "face reading "and it features

1. Question:
Hello! Tell me, is it true that a woman is more difficult to study thanphysiognomic man? If so, whether it is able to hide their thoughtsbetter?

This is a general, from thepoint of view ofphysiognomy,but an interesting question.physiognomy loves specifics. Let's think: the firstpart of the question, the answer is - "in most cases - yes",provided, if we take the same level of development and with respect to the same life experiences of men and women in the overall comparison (andpurely male and femalephysiognomic type of each). Here women are more sensitive, and the fact that the inherent nature quickly collects information related toprocreation (related to the limitedperiod of childbearing age and the respectivephases of women). Men often distracted, and therefore lagsbehind in the formation of the main tasks and the final realization for themselves.
If the comparison is not a general and highly directional, and then there comes into operationphysiognomy. It is important to correctly interpret what we saw it on the grounds.but all individually. Sometimes seemingly minor nuances - are fundamentally changes theposition. For example, the sphere of emotions - that a woman (according to generally accepted rules) is more developed, canbepronounced in men (if it refers to the femalephysiognomic type).
As for the secondpart of the question, the ability (acquired skill) or the ability to (ie, hereditary, mortgaged, development) to conceal thought does not always depend on the complexity (if I understand correctly, the complexity -Hasbecause of the diversity in the normal development of the individual, with the normal development of intelligence). It is important that the "complex" (or my understanding of the word in this context) topeople - often more difficult to conceal his thoughts, as opposed to simplybecause thought the news affects the spectrumpresented in this complex man, and gives someprints on his face.
It is a fact that women'sphysiognomic type (both male and female) shows the whole spectrum of emotions and words when he wants to conceal thought, and in facial expressions. Male type - often in one thing. This confuses manypeople confused, if not determine to whichphysiognomic type is theperson is not consideredpreviously.

Thebiggestpuzzle conceals the fact
what we see, not what is hidden from our eyes.

Oscar Wilde

2. Question:
My girls are constantly squinting eyes when she asks me questions. I am sending a series ofphotos to make it clear what I mean. My friend made them quietly on aprofessional camera. What does this look? It is very important to understand!

Judgingby thesephotos, You can track the situation is very wonderful! Thank you for the work, apparently you really love your girlfriend and seek to understand it.
Since the firstphoto, you can apply the method of "face reading" in the movement, and quite successfully track the number of micro-movements (tilting the head forward and down a little to one side,preload lower lip up), and visible muscle tension in the eye - which in this combination of no confidence say your girl to you.
In another case, one would assume about visionproblems (inprinciple, one does not exclude the other),but it is different muscle tension and overall gesture (similar to the way aperson likepeering at you for a split second) . And even if she has a good mood (as is evident at the time ofphotographing), is a key confidence again reflected on the muscular response in the eye the next question youpresent all the time in theprocess that captures the essence of the response and stops if there is a complete answer.
As you rightlypointed out, it is really apparent only during the question directly to you (as thephoto is due to the ability to track), which cuts off the option of full confidence in you (suspicious attitude as aperson) according to the dynamics of changes look. Thus, all that focuses us on apurelypersonal interest in you girl (guess maybe jealousy, coquetry). It is not necessary to ask her direct questions of clarification,but simply to emphasize your sincere attitude towards it.

5bcee629a4 Fig. 1.

faq2-2_06 Figure 1.1.

faq2-3_06 Figure 1.2.

3. Question:
I have a question about the scar on his face myboyfriend . I read somewhere that the facial features are important,but they are nowbroken! How to determine itsbasic qualities to scar and learn about what you can expect from him? Scar length of about 2 cm., Is located at a right angle of 90 degrees to the upper lip.photo attached.

Thanks for the question! Consider thepattern (Figure 2), which shows the scar and the lips and all relevant in this regard dash face.
In the firstpart of your question is answered as follows: You are right, indeed the external action entailing similarphysical changes may change " map "of aperson. Afterphysically altered interaction of muscles, smile will change (from elementary to new folds of skin at the injury site and in their neighborhood). May appear twitching (different character neurological manifestations).
I want to note that if aperson changes (character) - and changing appearance, appearance is changing - changing andpeople (in character).but the total change of the face under the influence of externalphysical influences - traits always sufficiently marked whatever they were.
In case your guy answering the secondpart of your question, its main features (which are important to you in the firstplace) to such a scar - greed andpenchant for hoarding, reticence meticulously to detail, good sense of humor,perseverance, infantilism, moodiness, indifference to theproblems of others and lack of ethicalpreferences of unwillingness topay attention to them. A set for the formation of - control the emotionalbackground, the image of "visual rigor».

6f16391222 Fig. 2.

4. Question:
Tell me, mimicry is the result of upbringing or have more options ? And the second question: Neuropathy really have horizontal wrinkles on the forehead?

Yes, this is true . Mimicry man,by and large, is the result of his upbringing, maypass into the habit. For example, I know a man who wrinkles her nose (with itpretty much wrinkles) when emotionally says that should not (logically)beparticularlypleasant for him,but at the same time confuses it (for example, a nice sexy image in a stupid, In his opinion, the situation). Moodiness, stubbornness and excessive aversion - are its main features, and their clear demonstration of the face - element of lack of education in this regard, ie there is no need for control. Thus, it has grown into a habit, and imprinted on his face. Now he does not realize it.
In addition,people tend to so-called "copy" it inherent nature of anyperson from childhood and contributes to its development.but sometimes it happens that aperson sees something that he likes and subconsciously or consciously adopts seen, making it a habit over time (variation of imitation). Thus mimicpurchased new strokes, as a demonstration of fashion trends and compliance "steepness".but in normal development, "copy" is more common in childhood and adolescence.
Do not lose sight of the fact that sometimes, aperson does not have the strength to control the mental andphysical manifestations of facial expressions (eg,pain, fear, another),but even then it's not the usual facial shape and not a direct question of education (which,by the way, andparticipates in the expression over a strong influence on theperson).
In response to your second question, I would say that the horizontal wrinkles that are The results are often lifting the eyebrows - is the result of apermanent gesture of surprise, indignation, resentment. Indeed, such gestures are very common in neuropathy (theirbusiness card). Indeed,because of the very small operation,problemki and irritation they wrinkle their forehead.

5. Question:
Welcome! I'm a little afraid ofpeople who are aggressive. How to define it in the face?

There is a mix, groups and the main thing - a lot of them. After all, there are many diseases, disease states, and human health - where there is aggression. Also - if the disease -physiognomic approach one, and if a healthyperson - is quite another study.
Also, there arepeopleprone to aggressivebehavior and mood, and there are sadists.
If we talk about such distinctions - that key external indicators mimic the humanpropensity for aggressivebehavior (or a statement of suchbehavior) are narrowed his eyes and fixed gaze at close range, compression jaw so that chewing muscles vibrate, compression of the lips.
The key sadistic manifestations of the face,behavior is ajar thin mouth, deep-set eyes, coarse laughter, laughing inappropriately, smacking of lips and manipulation of the mouth, the apparent calmness, coolness allpersons detachment in relation to the situation, show off (as if heplays in the movie), firmness, sharpness in decisions and actions. Suchpeople upitvayutsyapower, superiority in interaction and the hopelessness of the other. This canbe seen in the face - "comprehensive conviction of impunity».
There are combinations and options, andboth can hide theirbasic features under "facial masks" or artificially elaborated habits. The difference - the aggressor, often, looking for a way to negative emotions, discharge, recharge, and sadist - a sacrifice that is right for him. Aggressor - this is a direct attack, a sadist - deliberate,planned, desired and expected (in order to getpleasure from the suffering of another). You can reprogram the aggressor morally sadist - dumbfound and scare (knock down attitude).
In addition, the leading roleplayedby the state forward (we have an aggressor or a sadist) and his level of intelligence. Situation - a circumstance of the offense, and is not a factorpushing him.because everything around outside - refracted through thepsychology of the attacker, it was he who chooses thepath of further action.
If you feel discomfort in this area, read abook on Victimology (science which studies thebehavior of the victim and the offender) or visit the appropriate training.

6. Question:
Welcome! Tell me, and facial features are considered individually or in combination? For example, if something stands out (mouth, nose) against thebackground of aperson is that mean?

The facial features are considered in individually and in combination, as well as in complex individual zones.
Separately - defines thebasic hereditary and inherent facts, key traits. The complex - the one who is now in front of us at the moment, taking into account all (age, thinking, especially). The complex of individual zones - the stages of life,purpose, other.
If something stands out against theperson should determine the nature of the original - heredity, trauma, more. Often the disease changes the appearance ofparts of the face, it is also necessary to take into account. And depending on the nature - determined value.
Thebest option in such cases - is to compare the currentphoto and aphoto of five years ago, so the opportunity to analyze (usingphysiognomic techniques), as well as the method of comparative analysis of thephase.
At the end of the comparison canbe determined - inclination, orientation, changes and their causes,predict the development of disease or disease states - if there areprerequisites, etc.

7. Question:
Welcome! In the old children's films about frights, they have a long, thin nose cocked. What would you say about this nose?

The old fairy tale - a story with meaning and lessons. Long nose - says about curiosity, and the inclination to discuss, gossip, thin - to the sophisticated and cunning tricks, the activities of the mind, initiative actions,participation in all new cases.
If a nose cocked (it should also take into account how much and what kind of form at thebottom) - he says:
lightness,playfulness, sparkle, glitter,propensity to externalbeauty, creating fraudulent manner fiction, deceit, excellence, charm, taste, vulnerability, sensibility, the charm, the heat, obsession new ideas, lightperception.

8. Question:
My friend has an interesting shape of the teeth. I am not sure,please contact,but when she laughs that "vampirinye" teeth as I call them, they come to the second account (although it has leveled off and their - they still come!). We know a lot of years, and I want to know what it says? (photo attached).

Such teeth suggest that the holder is usually not sincere in dealing withpeople. Such aperson is cunning and very suspicious, cautiousby nature. Often thesepeople are strict and love to teach others.but, nevertheless, the owners of such teeth currently selected oneperson, which is more or less open. It ispossible that this man turned out tobe exactly you.

9. Question:
Welcome! My friend laughs so that you can see even the gums! What does this mean?

It depends, upper or lower gums seen.
The top - it shows excessive mental openness, simplicity, sincerity, vulnerability, need to support a strong andpowerful man than himself. Such aperson is sympathetic, kind and selfless.
Lower - says that such aperson is on your mind,but nevertheless quite often demonstrates its not very good quality (eg,physical abuse). Suchpeople are often a little obsessed with sexual assault,but they can communicate and negotiate. They are caring towards children.

10. Question:
Welcome! When myboss thinksbefore to make decisions, often gives the impression that he wasbrushing his teeth tongue.but this is not always the case. Why is this happening?

Theprocess of thinking is supportedby aphysical reaction when aperson is angry or something not quite satisfied,but does not want to lose control. It does not necessarily aware of this (because itbecomes a habit).
If it refers to the temperament calm - he simply resorted to the manipulation of the mouth to calm. And if he is dynamic - looks just see how hepronounces as if a lot of things and thus relieves stress ... or stores it (as a way of controlling the emotions), then to speak actually.

11. Question:
My men dimple in his chin, which he chinbit divides, if you look at theperson directly. I think this is the highlight of his face. And what does it mean?

This dimple like you write, inherent inpeople - connoisseurs of femalebeauty, strong-willed,but at the same time, two-faced or ambivalent. In theirpreferences, they are resourceful and versatile, very often evil. Have a feature to speak as if it were crystal clear truth,but it is not so, in fact.
It is important in this case, to determine thephysiognomic type of a man, as well as the values of allparts of the face for the full forecast on the individual.

12. Question:
Welcome! I'm interested in this question. If the girl is very thick eyebrows, is that mean?

Watching what nationality. If this nationality, which arepeculiar to such external characteristics - is one thing. And if notpeculiar - then it means rigor and fairness, malepoint of view (andposition) in most cases.
Itplays a very important form. We give youpictures of eyebrows with the characteristicsbelow:

Fig. And - kindness, diligence,propensity to technical sciences (hobbies), validity, correctness of the original views. Stableposition in life.

Fig.b - arrogance, aggression,boasting uncertainty in manypositions, impartiality, commitment to creative activities, helpfulness,promiscuity.propensity to neurosis.

Figure A Ris.B


Ris.S Ris.D

Fig. From - a creative, artistic. Easily carried away, goes into different moods. Unstable character and freedom. Vindictive, aggressive, intrusive and vindictive. Huntressby vocation.

Fig. D -patient, consistent, reliable, controllable.predisposition to serious science and "maleprofessions". Has goodpotential and desire to succeed. Strive for stability in finance. Sensitive and vulnerable.

13. Question:
I can orderpart ofphysiognomicportrait? For example, only the value of moles?

Can. Form a separate order and determine whether it is sufficient to answer all your questions. Meaning of moles -provide information on challenges in life are "signs of destiny" that are congenital and those that are acquired over time.
For this order, you need to send us thephotos of moles, in good quality, to identify their location onparts of thebody, as well as to establish the existence and forms wrinkles on the skin.

14. Question:
Tell me, how long it takes to studyphysiognomy tobecome an expert of good, decent living?

I use the following guidelines: "no limit toperfection." This should always work. After all, keep yourself at that level, nothing is not doing - it is impossible,because the time and develop along with it - is moving forward, it is likely tobe leftbehind.
You can not learn everything at once, without reading it, not to experiment, not exercising in honing andpolishing of knowledge. Theory - allows thepractice correctly.
However, one study any science - is not enough. Important inphysiognomic work -practice. Only it allows you to see, understand and determine, first with errors, and after two years through constantpractice will -professionalperception (perception with the unconscious use ofphysiognomic knowledge and skills). And now, from theperspective of my 8 years of experience, I can say thatperfection - then it willbeperfect when theybecome invisiblepreliminary efforts made to achieve it.

15. Question:
Tell me, "make" yourself silicone lips. This willbe reflected on my character?

Already affected. Youbegan to feel different, more attractive, sexy. You have solved theproblem that worries you. Now, you willbe, as they say, to adapt myself to get used to a new way. You will have new habits and movements (and in the "acquired changes" too), yourpersonality will want to stress yourself. And along with all - will change the character. I wish you success in your self-expression in life!



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