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Improving himself, hisphysiognomic image.

1. Question:
Welcome! Is it true that women like it when a man raises his right or left eyebrow (visually speaks of logic and understanding)? Is thisphysiognomic reception? Vadim, 21 years old.

Hi Vadim!
Yes, there is such a method. The so-called trick in store "ironically raised eyebrow," "provocative expecting a raised eyebrow", "astonishment true man", etc.
This method -physiognomic appeal, depending on the ability of men to use it. Applied with the greatest impact to new acquaintances women with apurpose - to intrigue, interest, surprise, bring mystery, etc. (With a hint of seduction when viewed at close range).
Regarding values - every man must learn to invest exactly the same sense that he wants to show this young lady, or someone else, but later, when raised eyebrows becomes a habit - something mimic the bar will beperceived as familiarpeople stereotype of your behavior.

2. Question:
Welcome! Should I tell the truth to his girlfriend that she absolutely does not attract me without makeup? It is interesting and very clever, but it's just a differentperson! With makeup and without it - it's two different girls! What to do? Alexander.

Hi Alexander!
perhaps you just do not want to see the realpicture of the situation. In fact, the girl (it is worthpay tribute to her - know how to use cosmetics - changing themselves beyond recognition!), Basically, you do not like, it is not associated with cosmetics. The fact that she is not attracted to you, and draws its image - which created it with makeup. Thus, you have to understand yourself, and not to tell her about something, for it is only yourperception of it.
On the other hand, look into the face of your girlfriend without makeup. You will surely see even the "other, unknown" you face, but it certainly is interesting in its own way. Individuality, which was hidden from you by "mask of makeup," the true face of theperson with whom you are now close. Think not about visualperception and the spiritual.
And finally, think about it: the difference between theperson with the makeup of this without him? What is the fundamental difference between them? And what, if you are attracted to women? Once you understand your answer to the question what to do next. And whether or not you need a girl who will not beproperly and will match what you see? Then if your needs coincide with the real situation?
There is one more item. If you think about it, your girl is able to change their appearance dramatically, to create images and match them - this artistic components and talent reincarnation. Whether you are interested in a man who is just going in one (but like a lot to you) form? Or is the reincarnation attracts you to it?

3. Question:
Welcome! What is the significance and theplace has a smell? The firstpart of the question - a nice (shampoo, cologne and shaving cream), and the secondpart of the question - both men and women the sameperception? How to draw using smells? Fedor.

Hi Fedor!

great importance, leading. The fact thatpeople choose otherpeople by smell. The smell, which distinguishes our body. Nowadays, we use a lot of money withstrong odors -perfume, creams, toilet water, wet wipes, etc. These "tricks" are making a difference - jammed, change body odor, smell and create a new influence on thepsyche, respectively.
Someone attracted to certain smells, someone smells the samepush, irritate or even cause aggression and allergic reactions ( in the direction ofpsychology to study this subject is called Ol-factor).
The men and women - differentperceptions of smells. Logically, it can be concluded along the lines ofperfumes, which are divided into male line (fresher flavors, strict and classic) and female (floral and sweet, light notes).
As experience shows, it is better to know in advance what scents like your loved one. Summer or winter, sweet or fresh and masculine (in secret, many women are masculine scent in itspurest form, and mixing them with other scents) or women (but men rarely use women'sperfume, but use shower gels, creams shampoos).
Engage can explore areas of aroma therapy (treatment-direction of healing or soothing scents by means of oils, salts, etc.) and to determine what you like an object of desire.pay attention to aromatherapy oils, aromatherapy bath salts. With these elements can not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also calm your nerves, rejuvenate.

4. Question:
Welcome! My favorite woman keeps telling me about how she likes my scar from a recent injury. She says that it emphasizes my strength ... It'spart of the appeal ofphysiognomic or a joke?

In fact, women often like scars on the body of a man, as a sign of strength, the next battle - as a measure of masculinity, so - reliability, as well as demonstrate astrongpartner girlfriends (which increases the self-esteem of the woman).
Your woman may apply to such ladies who genuinelypleasant these strokes, unless of course you are notparticularly worried about this scar (not applicable to aesthetes) and she, with the words, not just trying to reassure you and to convince his appeal.

5. Question:
Welcome! What are the main things (accessories) visually increase in theprice of my costume? George.

Hi George!
The first watch, shoes (made of fine leather, rubbed to a shine, or simply well-known firm,popular model) handle. In secondplace - gold jewelry (ring, bracelet, hairpin on a tie and cufflinks), mobile.
These accessories are immediately apparent and are key indicators of solvency - or the creation of such image.
please note as well the folder bag and borsetku - you carry with you.

6. Question:
Welcome! On what basis and in what sequence is evaluated at the time of the appearance of dating?

Thanks for the question!
Evaluation and humanperceptionprocess flowing from the first 3 seconds of communication. Someone he delayed due to new introductions (information, actions, words). But on average - is fleeting and on a subconscious level.
If you look at the issueprofessionally, for example, when you sit and wait for that now enters the room Candidate - Your task in this "evaluate" and see if it fits you in your department, office, business, then in addition to the above, we use special (obviously studied) methodology for assessingpersonality.
Basis of measurement depend on the goals of evaluation. If it looks, then the keyparameters for quick study will:
- style and neatness;
-positioning on a level with the style (compliance);
- behavior - compliance "see" the image and the real (determined by apsychologist);
- a rough estimate of the cost of clothing and accessories.

These are the key areas of evaluation in appearance. The following qualities will have the features and characteristics -punctuality, creativity, honesty.

7. Question:
Welcome! Business Etiquette - welcome in the organization. But whether these emphasize the individuality of knowledge? Or not. I've heard thephrase from a friend, "I know so much etiquette, I can not stick to it." What does this mean?

First of all, it shows the inability of your friend to use their acquired knowledge to their advantage. After all know - not all, the main thing - to know how to apply those same skills. At least, so it can beperceived the word you. But as a result it has been said, for example, to impress you an experiencedpro, but not a formalist - that is, the use of some kind of "tricks».
With regard to underscore individual knowledge of business etiquette, etiquette that will never become superfluous (if it is normal, not fanatical manifestations) and neatly complements your style of doing things, and characterizes you, at the same time, as a skilledprofessional with knowledge and respect for the sense of business - colleagues \partners. At the very least, these skills will be an integral feature of the appointment you a higherperspective andpost if into a "trick" - for example, make the appearance and the "bait" for the image in the negotiationprocess.

8. Question:
Welcome! I am a marketer and consultant. I'm busy with work, which involves communication withpeople. But ... I'm a marketer, not a talker! I want to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the goods, and not to speculate "about the desires of someone's wife to replace the kitchen ..."! How to deal with them, can not smile and say nothing - so as not to attractpeople?

Welcome! Interesting task - to attract buyers, but do not configure them goes beyond communication. Let's try to cope!
Smile and location - it's aploy to attract customers. Well, who wants to ask anything from surly and evil seller?
Maybe you have chosen is not quite right tactics. Seller smiles, has to communicate and adjusted to the customer - is trying to understand his desire to help him choose aproduct. Many buyers it spurs to communicate, has not quite in the mainstream.
Try to behave aggressively. Do not wait for the development. The buyer at the beginning, still interested in theproduct - and your task, set it on the goods. Try to talk about theproduct - one, two, three ... ..o benefits of the class, about theprice, about the economy.
Your dialogue about this kind must have:
- ...... yes, this washing machine class A.
- my wife wants such a ....
- See, it is small in size for every bath, if you want a kitchen and built under the sink for 10 minutes, convenient and efficient ....
- it like the color blue ...
- colors represented here - that's blue and light blue, turquoise, even! Believe me - this advantageous offer!

And do not stop smiling,physiognomic use tricks to attract customers. This is important for the business as a whole.

9. Question:
Welcome! It is true that a transparent lip gloss fits all? Anna.

transparent shine with sequins can be (not all), with mother ofpearl (not necessarily all), not too catchy andplay in the sun like water on his lips.
pick up glitter need individually. See how heplays, how it looks on your lips, what form it gives (increases, emphasizes their thinness).
Transparent shine are not good mature women. They no longer go matte lipstick dark, brown orpink shades calm. It looks solid and colorful than the gloss, the more transparent - it's more youth and uninhibited image.
Shines is not customary to use in the office, because the main focus on drawing attention to the lips (this is a job, not aphoto studio). < br /> Although if you work in a creative team and your office rules do notprohibit - then there is no question. After all, theprinciple of using anything is that there is, emphasizes the dignity and improves - so can you! The choice is yours!

10. Question:
Welcome! I admire the grace of the girl and realized that my gait (with her) looks rustic and stupid. Gait - an expression of theperson, and how to change it? How to add grace and endurance?

Welcome! You're right, gait reflects our essence and is an expression of us. It is formed under the influence of the mandatory requirements (flat back, head held) - who are vaccinated in childhood and modified consciousness and awareness of themselves. For any gait, we can say a lot.
graceful gait formed awareness and a sense of themselves, their attractiveness, ease - a state of mind of man. Note that when the state and feeling - and gait changes.
Based on this, your task is to first determine: what exactly do you see your gait ie what kind ofperson youpresent yourself. And to begin, then, theprocess of improving themselves in order to improve and strengthen their elements as a whole.
You can start with a visit to training - you will understand exactly what you are missing, but it is very necessary to obtain, as well as toput itself gait "winner", "wild animal", "master" and so on, depending on the domestic needs and desires.

11. Question:
Welcome! It is true that beautifulpeople are winning and easier to get what they want faster? This is due to their "physiognomic appeal"? Mariana, 17 years.

Hi Mariana!
The answer is not simple. On the one hand it ispossible to say that - Yes.people, of course, try to use their appearance and isproduced by her desire. When - fails when - no. Beautifulpeopleperceived thatpositive - especially the opposite sex.
But the "beauty" as a concept - relatively. For eachperson - individual criteria. Remember thephrase "not born beautiful, and born happy" - she says that happiness does not depend on beauty.
Thus, the beauty - in the understanding of the limitations of external data, is not a "physiognomic appeal" without a number of skills, knowledge, without feeding themselves. In other words - it is not a maximum capacity, it is the base that can be used, including, and not correctly (even to his own detriment). After all, there is such a thing - like a charm (thingstrong and important).
Another thing comprehensive approach. Returning to the charm - it is an innate quality and efficiency can exceed the capacity of a "pretty face". It can be learned artificially byphysiognomic technologies.
Creating the right image - is formed by a system of knowledge. And if aperson does not feel beautiful - he and they would not, even if it is very impressive. The issue is the formation of self-awareness and a sense of influence, self-esteem and eliminating the "complex appearance».
The best start in the direction of self-improvement - a hike to apsychologist and then getting rid of the complexes in the area and the designation of the future direction of the movement.
< /p>

12. Question:
Welcome! Help me to create an image. Where should I start this job? I understand that it will turn to a specialist is needed, butperhaps you can spendpreliminary work? What?

Yes, of course.preliminary work on the creation of your image should be systematized.
I suggest you start with thepreparatory work in order to give answers to these questions determine:
1. Who do you see yourself in six months and why?
2. What do you want to achieve and why?
3. Compatible whether these two concepts together?

Think about your lifestyle. It corresponds to the desired or is it you and want to change radically!

4. Describe its social role.
5. What do you like in yourself that you want to keep the same?

Aware of their social role. How do you understand it as using it. Would it change and that will lose by exchanging the old to the new social role.

6. Are you happy with your appearance?
7. What colors you like and why (reminiscent of something from childhood, just like it)?
8. What are the colors in the clothes you want to see?

Who surrounds you?

9. What kind ofpeople you like (the style of their clothes and occupation)?
10. You like your friends? How do they live?
11. Are you addicted to the opinions of others? The degree of dependence.
12. Why do not you create your own image (whatprevents your implementation)?

Answer these questions in writing. Describe each answer and think - whatpicture you get. You discover the answers, which did not even know? Is there no soil, what would think?
With this choice questions, you can safely turn to a specialist to develop the image orpsychologist in this direction (in our Centre are specialists such direction), which will help you choose the best option, taking into account your individual characteristics (face shape, shape, age , lifestyle, desired lifestyle, etc.).

13. Question:
highlighting the beauty of his face, his appearance, we thus emphasize the beauty of yourpersonality?

Inpart, yes. But remember - this is only the initial stage of work!
After all kinds ofproducts (creams, masks, massages, cosmetics), aimed at improving the appearance - it's kind of therapeutic effect. Man has transformed the idea of an improvement, the same actions - are here for the second step on thepath toperfection.
Therefore,people change. But for how long? After all, to save these changes (so that they become a habit, and not left to the immediatepreparation step: to any event) - requires a design-specific, systematic work and motivate good soil. Then the man to "teach" the need to look good always, under all circumstances.
As for the "beauty ofpersonality" - the main thing that this is the beauty has become a major feature of the humanpersonality, but in this case it ispossible to consider it as such. In another embodiment - it will only be available to a temporary way, which, unfortunately, will be different from the realpicture Affairs and sooner or later disappear risks.

14. Question:
sympathy on thepart of women depends on the self-perception of man?

Entirely! You ever seen aposter with the following content is stooped, bowed head man, he was to meet the same woman. At the sight of each other - they are aligned back, straighten shoulders and sexually enticing,pass each other. Third stage - the samepattern as in the first.
Now imagine their feelings. The first and third stages, because they also differ substantially from those of the second. After all, self-awareness - is an enticement "on the outside" -people feel the fire in his eyes, feel your spirit, feel your self-esteem - based on that decide on actions aimed at your address. I have no doubt that you have heard thephrase - "If you want to be loved? - First, fall in love himself "(aware of their dignity and show them to others and then will draw, zamotiviruesh, zainteresuesh love).
I'll tell you as an example the situation of my life. When I leave the house for work, at the same time I have a good mood, everything is wonderful and the sun is shining, I smile - that men do not descend from my eyes and strive to meet. And in the days when a bad mood, so kind of detached or sad eyes - such attention from the no.people are attracted to "crest of success," good mood.
Good luck to you in your self-improvement!

15. Question:
Help! I'm afraid of losing individuality! I amprone to what I like to try different styles. Not always fancy or expensive brands. Just completely different - the main thing to try, make suitable or not. Can I search? But I'm afraid of losing their individuality. Maxim. I'm 25 years old.

Thanks for the question. It is good that you have defined for themselves and us that "there is always fashionable" and designatedpurpose - to "test." Otherwise could be more mistaken and not very efficient for you also advise you on thepeople's dependence on fashion as the manipulation of social consciousness. But if you are interested in this topic -please contact our Centre.
Let's deal. You keyproblem - the fear of loss of identity. How Come? There areprerequisites? Do not you think that it is often to try and try at your age - is this normal? Or you confuse a framework that you go?
Fear of losing individuality, true and is under a justification if:
- You enter the borrowed image (for example, as an actor in the theater)
- copy others;
- from something "hidden", often making changes;
- do not have their ownpreferences formed;
- can not stop finding andpainful it is experiencing;
- experiencingproblems in their own behavior;
- has an internal disharmony or conflict-related question often change the style, the search;
- need constant supervision or consultation (opinion) thepeople around you.

If there is among listed, how do you think your - we are happy to assist you help. If your search is limited to a variety of external changes will not hurt or harm others and gives youpleasure - me health!



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