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Center for Personality is

options courses / training / webinars in the following areas:

1. Master - Practice for beginners psychologists (training of young professionals individual counseling practice ).

, or for those who want to diversify their practice new directions of psychological work

What is a Master Practitioner?

Master - Practice
- is an integral part of science personology and physiognomy, and represents a process that involves detailed and phased consideration psychologically difficult situation a group of participants, led by psychologist - personology, physiognomists.

The psychologist that profile can not conduct master practice, since it has no tools for peer evaluation of personalities and situations .

How does it work?

psychologist personology, physiognomist - poses the problem, represents the original data (ie, outlines the complex and voluminous psychological situation).
The participants begin to be included in the situation and to work in a given direction.
psychologist personology during the entire master - practice - directs the group and encourages participants to independent search for solutions - what is the mechanism of learning psychological practice.
Field of study (eg, child psychology, family counseling, business - consulting) - specify the query group.
Level - exhibited a psychologist - personology given the level of the group of participants (students, interns, practicing more than 1 year psychologists, psychologists with good practice, psychologists after maternity leave, etc.).

In the process - Psychology - personology evaluate the performance of each of the participants, who for the correction of their proposals - makes recommendations as to develop further (taking into account their strengths and weaknesses and personality traits).

If the participants are practicing psychologists and just go in a different direction practice - they offer their already tried and tested techniques and directions for the task. Then understand these techniques and apply according to the practice - which again is determined by the efficiency of the participants, psychological tools and the ability to choose them.

How long does it takes a master - a practice?

Master practice lasts 2 hours.

Options for?

- Full-time group,
- Webinar,
- League psychologists and psychotherapists - forum.

The result?

- experience with tools and exchange of experience,
- Ability to work in a group assessment,
- learning new methods and techniques,
- an assessment of the client (application of physiognomy in practice),
- holding "practical selection of effective methods"
- Personal growth and so on.

2. Practical training onphysiognomy (for those interested, andprofessionalpsychologists).

This classroom courses ,. See TRAINING - softwarephysiognomy .

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3. Child training personal growth, self-organization, trainingphysiognomy (full-time / distance / online, individual / group).

More - see. Section TRAINING - for children .

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4. Women's training personal growth, self-organization, trainingphysiognomy (full-time / distance / online, individual / group).

More - see. section TRAINING - FOR WOMEN .

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5. A series of webinars (online seminars) on thephysiognomy and the study ofpeople by drawing apsychologicalportrait,physiognomic visage (practical method of improving your image ), recruitment, etc.

. See Webinar

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6. Trainingpractical course on "Business -physiognomy» (e-course for businesspeople).




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