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Training "Effective solutions for managers: subordinates, partners, managers (equal leaders)"

Personal Efficiency me as a leader.

- Physiognomy in the management of a.

- The strengths and weaknesses of your control. Correction.

- Practical techniques physiognomic expertise in decision-making.

System "manager-subordinate".

- Technology physiognomy in interaction with subordinates.

- Methods of selection and diagnostics of personnel through physiognomy.

- Motivational indicators. The level of specificity and motivation of subordinates.

- Business - physiognomic practice examination.

Work with partners.

- The monitoring and interaction management.

- The delineation of interaction.

- Evaluating the effectiveness of cooperation. The alignment of functional relationships with partners.

- New partners. How to "sell" the idea of partnership.

- former partners. Rapid test for functionality.

- Permanent partners. How to improve the functionality and expand cooperation.

- Business - practice. Identification of weak \ vulnerabilities partner.

- Analysis of your benefits.

Features of interaction "Head - Head»

- Business - physiognomy in the analysis of equal head.

- Features of interaction of line managers (work with equal).

- Assessment of the actual situation interaction.

- Technology impact and manipulation.

- Competition. Cooperation. Diplomacy.

Mixed group - business solutions.

- Combinations of relations: equal - partner slave - partner slave - a former partner, etc.

- physiognomic analyst relations. Problems and conflicts. Forecasts.


- physiognomic systems modeling relationships, practice, work with situations of participants.

- artificial injection of the situation. Simplification. Detailing.

- Library examples.



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