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Training "I - business-men" (for boys) and "I - Business - Lady" (for girls)

Practical business - training success for children

in directions
«I - business-men" (for boys) and
«I - Business - Lady" (for girls).

If you are and you know how to do it - then, of course, would like your child to and successfully fulfill yourpotential and make a career.

Business coaching for children and adolescents Using a special high-performance technique " quickperception of information ", developed by the Center study ofpersonality, we offer a children's business - training for your child, forpractical business skills, as well as an understanding of its features.

Works with child:

practicalpsychologist, aprofessional on business - Consulting Center for the study ofpersonality (www.cil.in.ua).

Target audience:

The trainingprogram is designed for the age group of 10 years and above.


private lessons with your child in the form of an illustratedpractical work of thepsychologist and child in the system on-line (city does not matter) or internally (Kiev).

Materials -provides apsychologist.

After each session - the child gets homework to study and creative work aimed at the development of hispersonality.

Requirements child:

Computer skills user ICQ, E-mail.

Requirements of theparents to start training:

1. day, month and year of birth of the child,
2. floor,
3. 4 electronicpictures of your child: 2persons and 2 full-length (which would bepossible to see thephysique) - for itsphysiognomic diagnosis, to identify leadershippotential.


Russian, Ukrainian (customer's choice).

Duration of training:

8 mandatory training - lectures for 2 hours - each. If desired, and the interest of the child, you can continue training with him in this direction.

Schedule with a child - is determined by the client.


Contact your representative in your area (click here Contacts , or ourpartner - the company" Modern Architecture Business TM »).


After completing the course, the childpasses the exam and receive a certificate of "Modern Architecture Business TM».


Introduction - Diagnostics child on leadership and direction.

1. Teaching a child the concept of "Business", the formation ofperception and business systems.
2. Education organize themselves, to educate themselves and to form their own system ofperception business.
3.personal growth in business.
4.positioning yourself: male / femaleposition in the business.
5. Etiquette and negotiations.
6. Work and the result.
7. Homework for a successful businessman.

The result at the end of work with the child:

The child will learn to:
- to take a job - as an importantpart of his life - that is the first step to success,
- understand the complexity and interesting making money,
- understand that all depends only he himself,
- select business styles,
- the basics of etiquette.



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