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Training "I - designer"

The objective of the training - to teach the child a sense of taste, color, decoration, design - both in terms of people and their styles, as well as in respect of the premises.

practical business training success for children
in the direction of «I - designer» .

diseiner The child will receive a comprehensive knowledge in the direction of "the original decision" learn creative techniques, advertising tricks and much more - that help reveal its potential and to coordinate the further development of a promising track.
It works with your child: Practical psychologist, a professional on personology business - consulting and business - design Anisimova Alice Igorevna.

Target Audience :
The training program is designed to:
A Group - from 7-8 years.
Group B - 10 years,
Group C - 13-14 years.


Individual and group classroom courses with your child in the form of practical Illustrated / game work psychologist and child (Kiev).

Materials - provides a psychologist.
After each class - the child gets homework to study and creative work aimed at the development of his personality.

Requirements for parents to start training:
1. day, month and year of birth of the child,
2. floor,
3. 4 electronic pictures of your child: 2 persons and 2 full-length (which would be possible to see the physique) - for its physiognomic diagnosis, to identify leadership potential.


The term of study.

The program consists of training - lectures for 2 hours - each.
If you want, and the interest of the child, it is possible to continue training with him in this direction (individual master - training).
schedule with your child - agreed with the psychologist.

training program.
Introduction - Diagnosis of the child to the propensity to management and leadership qualities. Definition SPOSOBNOYATEY CHILD, revealing hidden talents.
1. Formation of color perception.
2. Skills of individual items of jewelry.
3. Room design - what is?
4. How to make a gift with your own hands?
5. Features styles.
6. Feeling, intuition and scenery. Psychological game.
7. The adoption of creative solutions.
8. How to train your abilities?

The result at the end of work with the child.
The child learns to:

- «create design»,
- to determine that the "beautiful" and "stylish" (formation of perception), as this work on,
- development of a sense of taste and harmony,
- the ability to work on a clean room and a culture of cleanliness - through beauty,
- work with flowers,
- the development of intuition,
- the development of creative skills, creative thinking, and much more.



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