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Training "Physiognomy for teens"

At the age of 14 - 15 years old - is the process of assessing adolescents of other people on the information received from them. Often, the information received is different from what it actually is.

practical business training

for teenagers towards "physiognomy for teens."

abilities, with their active development, will allow a teenager to study any new person and take it from the perspective of identifying features of his personality. Such a teenager would be much easier to communicate with friends, new friends and school. Much less problems at home and will reduce the number of conflict situations and irritable reactions. We offers you a unique personality - business training for adolescents, in order to direct their natural sensitivity into practice that will not only expand their horizons, but also provide a level of security (as these affect the expertise to prevent errors).

Works with teens:

Practical psychologist, professional on physiognomy, the expert - physiognomist
Alice Anisimova Igorevna.

Target audience:
The training program is designed to:
A Group - 14 -15 years,
Group B - 16-18 years.


Individual classroom courses (Kiev).
group training with a group of 4 people.

Materials for training - provides a psychologist.
After each session - teen gets homework to study and creative work aimed at the development of his personality.

Requirements for parents to start training:
1. day, month and year of birth of the child,
2. floor,
3. 4 electronic pictures of your child: 2 persons and 2 full-length (which would be possible to see the physique) - for its physiognomic diagnosis.


Duration of training:
At the request of the client, as well as taking into account the child's age and abilities.

Training Program:
1. Physiognomy, I and other people.
2. I and parents.
3. physiognomic typology of people, their behavior and character.
4. The causes of conflicts and their independent decision (including the assessment of the situation - the methods of personal growth). The Control. Self-control.
5. Positioning yourself with physiognomy.
6. Respect and physiognomy.
7. physiognomic diagnosis. Security issues themselves and the analysis of potential danger.
8. Examination practice.

Result after work with a teenager.
The teenager learns to:
- almost to understand people,
- to analyze the appearance and connection with the behavior,
- recognize people, potentially dangerous for a teenager,
- the principle of communication with friends and strangers,
- to behave according to the circumstances,
- to build relationships, to choose people for communication and friendship,
- deal with conflicts - depending on your desires.



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