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Training using elements skazkoterapii: "Island of Childhood" and "Journey to the Land of Miracles"

Today, the question of the emotional development of children coming to the fore. Human emotions directly affect the development of various spheres of the person - from psychomotor to consciousness.

is becoming increasingly important "affective-emotional-volitional (personal)"philosophy of education, centered on the emotional and social development of the child. Therefore, a great need for gaming and training technologies, directed-tion on the emotional development of children and self-regulation.

Training is not corrective. He is an evolvingprocess. Correction function and therapy implemented "naturally." Nevertheless, the game will be effective in theprocess of correction of emotional disturbances in children, especially fear.

Theproposed training - a tool that allows you to build a harmoniousprocess of emotional development of the child.


The objectives of the game "Island of Childhood" are:

- the formation of life values, based on the idea of creation,

- emotional development of children,

- non-legislative correction emotionalproblems in children (anxiety, fear).


The main objectives of the training areplaying:

1. Explanation of the nature of emotional difficulties skazkoterapii means.

2. Formation of effective models of self-regulation.

3. The development of creativity (imagination, creativity, creative thinking).

4. Formation of bases of communicative culture.


Age game application - from 4 to 11 years (under normal intel¬lektualnom development).



Composition games

Game training consists of threeparts.

1. The firstpart deals with the study of the child's own emotionality, inparticular features of the experience of fear, to establish the current level of self-regulation of the child (as he well knows how to independently deal with the fear, for example).

2. The secondpart of the game associated with the accumulation of resources to overcome the fear and the development of creativity.

3. The thirdpart is a stage of meaningful applications received in theprevious stages of knowledge.

Thepossibility of using

The game can also be usedpsychologists, teachers nachal¬noy school or tutor inpsychoprophylacticpurposes.

So, the main features of the use of the game are:

• remedial classes designed to work with the children's fears and laying the foundations of self-regulation in children,

•psycho-educational courses, developing communicative culture at thepreschool and early school age,

• family counseling.


When conductingpsychologicalprograms always rises sharply vop¬ros - how toprove the effectiveness of training? By tradition, decided to make twopsychodiagnostic "section": at the beginning of theprogram and after its completion.

As the game "Island of Childhood" is a means of emotional development of children, we recommend the use ofpsychodiagnostic meto¬diki exploring the emotional state and self-esteem of the child.

The rate and duration of the game

The rate and duration of the game chooses a leading (psychologist) samo¬stoyatelno, in accordance with the relevantpsychological tasks.

If thepsychologist aims to entertain the kids and motivate them to furtherpsychological lessons, he can choose "fastpaced" and once or twice to go through all theplaying field. In this case, the discussion of tasks need to spend a minimum of time, the focus is on the game itself.

If thepsychologist on the basis of the game is going to build a deep work, then he selects the "slowpace" and spared no time to complete assignments and discussion. In this case, the game is built on the basis of aprogram ofpsychological correction.

As with any board game in the "Island of Childhood" can beplayed over and over again. In this case, even if you do not mind that your client has alreadyplayed and knows the rules. Conversely, this increases the quality of work. And the options for jobs enough to not become boring game.


Apsychologist is a leading and activeplayer at the same time.

As the leadingparticipants, he explains the rules of the game, building a discussion of game situations and tasks.

So, it is a basicpsychological work.

In the role of an activeplayerpsychologist complies with the rules of the game. Like everyone else, he chooses apiece, throwing dice,performs tasks. His behavior as an activeparticipant gives the game a unique model of constructive behavior, work on yourself, the creativeprocess and search for.

If you find it difficult to simultaneous execution of two roles, stay only lead. With the accumulation ofplaying experience you will feel a confidence and a desire to be a leading and activeplayer.



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