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Training "physiognomy, psycholinguistics and neverbalika"

WARNING! MIX unprecedented in the highest-paid currency today - human communications!
Training on physiognomy, psycholinguistics and neverbalika
towardspersonal and business communication

This training includes : + lecturepart of an active dialogue with theparticipants +practicalpart where your new knowledge translate into useful skills.

Thepurpose of the training :
practical experience of applying the techniques ofphysiognomy,psycholinguistics and neverbalika in business communications andpersonal communication.

The training is used :
highly effective method of "fastperception of information" developed "Center for the Study ofpersonality", as well as methods for rapid memorize developed center on rhetoric "Speaker».

The training is carried out :
practicalpsychologistpersonology expert -physiognomist,professional on business - consulting "Personality Research Center" ( www.cil.in.ua ) Alice Anisimova
Therapist directionspsycholinguistics and Bodywork Therapy Consultant on business - communications and recruiting center ofpsychological support andpersonal development "interlocutor» ( http://sobesednik.kiev.ua/) Arina Lukyanov

Target Audience :
The trainingprogram is designed for the age group of 19 years and above.

Study :
Group classes (no more than 8people), internally (Kiev), business center.
In agreement - individual classes.

Language : Russian.

The term of study :
The first introductory lecture - 4 hours 15 minutes
wishes to continue their studies choose the direction and formed a separate group for the next training.

Day of the week - Saturday

Includes :
coffee - break,
electronic summary of the training (send by E-mail afterparty training).
's book Arina Lukianova "Stories of the Day" as a gift

Trainingprogram :

1 block

Introduction - inphysiognomy,
The study ofpersonality by way of example,
physiognomic diagnosis of consciousness and subconsciousness of eachparticipant individually
and much more.

Block 2
1. Introduction topsycholinguistics
2.psychologicalpersonality types - like to hear them in the negotiations?
3. Classification of types of speech: oral and written, dialogue, monologue, speech,propaganda,persuasion, correspondence, talking on thephone, and much more.
4. Features writing, arrangement of words andpunctuation.
5.persuasion through the right choice of role-pair to communicate.
6. Triangle argument.
7. Trails for decoration of speech: metaphor, epithet, synonyms, catachresis, etc.
8.practical exercises:
- Articulation and breathing
- Fast memory and recall
- Improvisation
- The logical number of speech
- The emotional balancing act of speech

Block 3
1. Non-verbal communication - its weight in theparadigm of communication and its connection with the subconscious mind.
2. Body Language in a staticposition.
3. Body Language in dynamic stress (walking, running, sports)
4. Body language in conversation - its specific use andperception of the interlocutor.

practical skills acquired at the end of the training :
The ability to understand thephysiognomic units and understanding of the system and the structure of theperson in terms of his study .
Understanding what we say and what it means for our interlocutor.
The effective management of their gestures - the ability to bepersuasive at the level of instincts and intuition.



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