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Training "FIOGNOMIKA: + GENERAL BUSINESS physiognomy"

Practical training on physiognomy is a lecture course in the form of a dialogue with the participants.
The purpose of training - introduction to the science of physiognomy and practical studies of personality.

Use a special highly effective method of "fast perception of information", developed by the Center for the study of personality.

Conducts Training:
Practical psychologist personology, physiognomist, professional on business - Consulting Center for the study of personality ( www.cil.in.ua ).

Target audience:
The training program is designed for the age group of 19 years and above.

Group classes (no more than 8 people), internally (Kiev), business center.
In agreement - individual lessons.
Materials - provides a psychologist - personology.

Before you start the training it is desirable to provide the following information about yourself:
1. day, month and year of birth,
2. floor,
3. 2 electronic pictures participant - for pre-physiognomic diagnosis, to identify leadership potential.
4. Pre-registration - obligatory !!! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Duration of training:
The first introductory lecture - 4 hours 15 minutes (wishing to continue their education - choose the direction and form a separate group for the next training).

Day of the week - Saturday

Tuition fees:
The price includes: coffee - break (15 minutes), teaching materials and electronic synopsis (which is sent by E-mail to participants after the training).

Training Program:
Introduction - in physiognomy,
Physiognomic phenomena,
The study of personality by way of example,
physiognomic diagnosis of consciousness and the subconscious of each participant individually
and more.

Practical skills acquired at the end of tretinga:
The ability to understand the physiognomic units and understanding of the system and the structure of the human in terms of its study.



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