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Training "Lie to Me" (part 1 and 2)

Mood and features of the system LIES have different personalities. Facial muscles. Physiognomy - the science of the study of man in his face. This is a fascinating journey into the world of deception and its technologies, facial expressions, wrinkles, emotions and actions under the guidance of an expert - physiognomists Anisimova Alice.

rening - Theory of Lies

Part 1: Lie to Me . Theory and practice of lying. Individual and group analysis of participants lies, and more.

Part 2: Lie to Me. Details of lies. Emotions and their reliability.

Training participants will learn: how the process itself lies some muscular reactions it causes, and why "the system of lies" not available to everyone.

The participants receive practical skills in the definition of a lie.

Questions to be considered:

1 - The theory lies. What is emotion? Facial muscles and their role in the practical application of science in physiognomy.

2 - Mimicry and lies. Mimicry adolescents and children. Features of facial expressions using lies in a variety of personalities. Theory and practice. Examples of exceptions.

3 - How do people lie. Why do people tell lies. What features lies in each person. Examples of the lie in the face and examples of your lies (as you're lying).

4 - Forms and accents. The muscles of the head. Facial muscles and facial muscles. What facial muscles form facial expressions.

5 - False and image. Beautiful face lie, lie to whom we believe. Lies own - as an excuse.

6 - Physiognomy and lies. Practical skills in identifying a lie.

7 - Video and photo examples. The study of emotions. How to track a person signs.

8 - Geography wrinkles. Artificial wrinkles on the character and habits. Facial expressions and skin. Forehead and eyes.

9 - Lies as normal and pathological component of the personality, and many other things ...

10 - Answers to questions from participants.

Each participant will be able to get advice on the analysis of a person's interest (if the photo) for the propensity to lie.

Each participant will receive: information about itself and the structure of their lies, understand how obmanyevayut him and whom he had become a victim. And also, will be able to build their defenses against the lies.

You will learn to see emotions and false people understand the causes and the consequences of lies.

Training practice, which involves all of its Participants.



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