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Training "Status: work on the bugs. POWER OF MARRIAGE AND ITS ROLE"

Theoretical models of marriage, relationship problems and energy of participants, practical diagnosis with respect to each participant training (in a group or individually).

(training is conducted with the assistance of a psychologist - personology psychologist and energy).
Marriage - work on the bugs
This is a training for those who are or aspire to marry.

Training puts the task of examining the relationship in marriage, dealing with problems in relationships, overcoming the trauma of marriage and identifying errors.

At the same time, will be considered a unique direction - personological energy, namely: what enegoobmeny occur in relationships and how the process of disharmony in relationships, how to restore the power of marriage, how to escape from energy partner - that causes us energoudary how to protect yourself from energovampira and much more.

Someone I love - is sacred. Sometimes we are so obsessed with their feelings that we do not notice how our own spouses begin to infringe upon our interests. How to find a compromise between love and its benefits?

Interpersonal relationships generate conflicts - when people have different points of view, different desires, different goals. Once you have mastered a few simple steps, you can better understand your partner and prevent conflicts.

What is the compatibility in relationships and the factors influencing its destruction.

Conflict of marriage

The issue of marriage

How to detect errors

How to structure all in your head

Why is not recommended to do it yourself

How to admit their mistakes and errors partner? and whether you want it to do?

Pros understanding of what is happening

Cons understanding of what is happening

Each participant will receive recommendations for compatibility with a partner, a person will approach you. When psihotravmy marriage participant will receive a diagnosis and recommendations: what, why and how. Will be able to analyze the photos of your companions.

Participants will receive a brief counseling psychologist and personology energodiagnosta.



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