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Dealing with emotions

Dealing with emotions

Center for Personality to your attention the project, which aims - a full-scale, detailed work with your emotions.

This is a scientific and practical personologo-physiognomic project, author and developer who is expert physiognomist, psychologist Alice Anisimova personology .

Project Manager is Lukiyanchuk Irina - a psychologist to identify emotions Center for the study of personality.

The project includes:

- identification \ Diagnostics true, false and distorted emotions fullness of their manifestation and consideration of their causes;

- correctional unit - change of emotional reactions, Emo background etc. and reactions under emotional impact;

- training on working with emotions , revealing the lies and working with the "grafted" you emotional reactions. How do you know what kind of emotion we see ourselves and how to perceive it? - The answer to this and other questions you will get more acquainted with our project (see below).

project website www.emotion-cil.com



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