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Training "ENERGOMASSAZH, physiognomy and general appearance"

This is a training for women, whose purpose - to understand how to become a better, more attractive, sexier. You will see how physiognomy may reveal the identity, fix what you think shortcomings and change you for the better.

Energovizazh and general appearance of the

The training focused on women (as well as could be interesting especially men).

After this training, you will gain confidence and get recommendations for creating his style of dress, makeup, manicure, haircut, in general appearance, feeding themselves .

Learn about the nature, color and energy - both yours and the items that you are using.

How to disclose the identity so to remove your signs of disease states. Will be especially useful for health problems.

External correction Inner harmony feed themselves and Energy tsvetootdelenie Destroyers and reducing what is happening to you and how to recover Lepim his face. Practice - selection of makeup for each of the participants attire. Practice - selection of styles for each of the participants Jewellery and Accessories How to be interesting

Each participant will receive knowledge: what colors to use, what accessories to use, how to determine the style - based on the individual characteristics of each.



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Physiognomy - the science of the relationship between the appearance of man and an origin -
deniem his individual qualities, character, temperament, aptitudes, diseases ...



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