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Anatomy of the child's personality


Anatomy of a child's personality

This is a scientific - practical personologo-physiognomic project, author and developer who is expert physiognomist, psychologist Alice Anisimova personology .

Project Manager is Natalia Tishchenko - practicing psychologist, "Center for the Study of personality", a children's energodiagnost, a specialist in tsvetootdeleniya.

The project expert group "Center for the Study Personality» ( www.cil.in.ua ) - designed specifically for parents and children, who today have unresolved psychological or physical problems in their relationship, affecting the normal development of the future of each participant problems (learning, perception, memory, friendship, marriage, work, etc.).

Our task - to help you and your children to solve their children's problems , which has quietly become old enough to resolve internal conflicts, to expand their horizons of knowledge about the psychological problems and their consequences, insults and psychotraumas childhood projections troubled relationship with his parents on their newly created family, as well as - restore your energy and your child, child to adapt to the complex family and other social relations, change the wrong perception of what is happening.

The project includes:

- diagnose problems,

- correction,

- development (training and individual developmental activities).

We use the methodology developed by the "Center for the Study of personality", based on the expertise of physiognomy and personology whose efficiency is 98%.

Experience shows that the problems of children is to blame for adults (and this applies to adults themselves - and, in turn, have their parents). But what kind of adults? And how do they affect the child (or you)? What's wrong with the baby now (and that with you)? How to avoid the mistakes of their own parents and how to discern their current error in relation to the education of their kids? The answers to these and other questions you will be able to refer to our project - "Anatomy of a child's personality».

Help your child become strong and independent personality, to grow a healthy person and a professional in the business! A first - help yourself to become balanced adults, parents and other authority for your child!

project website www.children-cil.com . Stay tuned for updates!

We are waiting for you!



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