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On the human energy

«How do you feel? Are pitch in and begin to realize the goal? Willing to take new heights? If the answer is 100% - "Yes", "I'm ready," congratulations, you have a great power "- such statements we hear quite often, and the key word in them perfectly. Since the energy of each person is different from the energy of others. It is absolutely unique and individual. At its formation affect:

~ Heredity \ all that is "soaked" man at the genetic level;

~particularly energyparents, grandparents;

~ individualpersonality traits.

Individual Energy (IE) is divided into internal and external. Internal energyperson responsible for the overall livelihoods of the whole body:

~ tone,


~ circulation,

~pressure vessels of the brain,

~ eyepressure,

~ oral, laryngeal area.

Externalpower - a light aura. It surrounds and interacts with otherpower companies.

The role of energy

Energy first assumes all negative andpositive influence on theperson (protection,protective gear).

If thepower of theperson is in good shape, no energosboev, there is a regular recovery (direct reductant) - that significantly reduces the risk of systemic diseases, as well work the body's defenses. Healthy Energy - is a kind of strong immunity (life support).

Where energy is involved?

Energy Recovery allows you to solve manyphysicalproblems.

In addition, energy is involved in all aspects of life and human activities:

~ Energy name

~ interaction Energy

~ Compatibility

~ marriage and family

~ Business

~ negotiations

~ energoetiket

~ energy home and office

In order to correct and restore thepower of theperson are different techniques personology and expertpersonology , including gloss and color sound therapy.

powerpsychological andphysiognomicportrait

Making energyportrait ofpersonality allows you to identify:

~ especially IE

~ strengths and weaknesses of IE

~power breakdowns and strikes

~ Energy disease

~ energy andphysiognomicphenomena (energy vampire, a chameleon, aphenomenon neuter)

~ reserve forces of the body (their state), if necessary, activate it and send "to help" the damaged area orpsyche

~ the level of formation ofprotective mechanismspersonality

If you are experiencingproblems related to energy (as a rule, they themselves are not) - we are waiting for you in our center!



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