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Training "Physiognomy - Children"

Children - much more sensitive than adults. They have a clear perception of the nature of the world - not even broken stereotypes, adopted from the opinions of friends and so on.

practical business training for children

in the direction of «physiognomy CHILDREN» .


It was at the age of 7 - 10 years - is theprocess of "absorption" of information children and their active development in the field ofpositioning itself among the various social groups - which they areparties (school , house, friends, strangers adults, sports clubs, etc.).

We offer business training for children in order to direct their natural sensitivity intopractice that will not only expand their horizons, but alsoprovide a level of security (as These special knowledge affectprevent errors).
Works with child:

practicalpsychologist,professional onphysiognomy Center for the study ofpersonality (CYL, www.cil.in.ua).

Target audience:

The trainingprogram is designed for the age group of 7 to 10 years.


private lessons with your child in the form of an illustratedpractical work of thepsychologist and child in the system on-line (city does not matter) or internally (Kiev).

Materials for training -provides apsychologist.

After each session - the child gets homework to study and creative work aimed at the development of hispersonality.

Requirements child:

Computer skills user ICQ, E-mail.

Requirements of theparents to start training:

1. day, month and year of birth of the child,
2. floor,
3. 4 electronicpictures of your child: 2persons and 2 full-length (which would bepossible to see thephysique) - for itsphysiognomic diagnosis.


Russian, Ukrainian (customer's choice).

Duration of training:

8 mandatory training - lectures for 2 hours - each. If desired, and the interest of the child, you can continue training with him in this direction.

Schedule with a child - is determined by the client.


Contact your representative in your area (click here Contacts , or ourpartner - the company" Modern Architecture Business TM »).


After completing the course, the childpasses the exam and receive a certificate of "Modern Architecture Business TM».


1.physiognomy, I and otherpeople.
2. I andparents.
3.physiognomic typology ofpeople, their behavior and character.
4. The causes of conflicts and their independent decision (including the assessment of the situation - the methods ofpersonal growth). The Control. Self-control.
5.positioning yourself withphysiognomy.
6. Respect andphysiognomy.
7.physiognomic diagnosis. Security issues themselves and the analysis ofpotential danger.
8. Examinationpractice.

The result at the end of work with the child:

The child will learn to:
- almost to understandpeople,
- to analyze the appearance and connection with the behavior,
- recognizepeople,potentially dangerous for the baby ,
- theprinciple of communication with friends and strangers,
- to behave according to the circumstances,
- to build relationships, to choosepeople for communication and friendship,
- deal with conflicts - depending their desires.



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