Our company PERSONALITY STUDY CENTER – offers to your attention a number of unique directions of human personality study by the method of psychological and physiognomic portrait of Personality (with the use of closed methods and psychological technologies) allowing a comprehensive study of features, individual characteristics, inclinations, orientation and a number of other characteristics of the studied Personality.

Why do you need our services and what are their benefits for you?

1. If you are an executive
then with our help, you have the opportunity

– Identify all the qualities, characteristics and priorities of each person you are interested in, such as your business partner, accountant, colleague or deputy;
– create an image or adjust it (improve, slightly change, redirect/coordinate, etc.), create a physiognomic image (image for effective negotiations);
– to find a suitable assistant in terms of personality (compatibility in work and approach);
– effectively assign people to work areas – according to their skills and personality traits (chatty, cranky, “loners”, etc.);
– to build a truly “teamwork” environment;
– improve those “features” of the team that you need and correct those that hinder you;
– to study the partners directly during the negotiations;
– in advance to protect themselves from communication with unclean people without moral and financial losses;
– significantly reduce anxiety in dealing with people;
– get individual or business counseling;
– etc.

2. If you are a representative of a recruitment agency
then with our help, you have the opportunity:

– effectively select personnel for the customer – knowingly adequate and compliant (mentally) with the requirements of the vacancy and the wishes of the employer;
– Successfully select a job for almost any job seeker, taking into account the full range of his or her peculiarities;
– Improve performance in recruiting job candidates;
– to improve its image, prestige in front of both customers and applicants (to emphasize the seriousness of its approach to its work, competence and reliability);
– etc.

3. If you strive for personal and professional growth, with our help, you have the opportunity to:
– to look at yourself – as on Personality by results of work of the practical psychologist – personologist, physiognomist – having read your own psychological / physiognomic / graphological / combined portrait;
– Identify their strengths and weaknesses, receive recommendations and counseling;
– Identify what exactly wanted/can be improved and how to do it;
– to determine the sphere of effective realization of one’s possibilities;
– Determine which direction is most effective to take next;
– Identify what causes you discomfort and is the cause of your dissatisfaction, problem, complex;
– to reveal your peculiarities of Personality, inclinations, to understand some not clear to you moments in behavior and character;
– See psychological traumas (presence, focus);
– etc.

4. If you’re concerned about your safety with our help, you have the opportunity:
– to study the person of interest in advance (remotely), to make his psychological portrait – namely: “reveal” a set of key and additional features, priorities, values, abilities, negative and positive traits of the Personality;
– Identify communication risks (propensity for cruelty, sadism, alcoholization, lying, cheating, etc.);
– etc.

5. If you are interested in “new” people, with our help, you have the opportunity to:
– to study the person of interest in advance (remotely), to make his psychological portrait – namely: “reveal” a set of key and additional features, priorities, values, abilities, negative and positive traits of the Personality;
– Determine the compatibility of your characters in personal relationships and in labor cooperation;
– prioritize communication;
– to discover the interests of the individual;
– Understand his aspirations and the existence of aspirations in the area of personal growth;
– determine the level of intellectual and physical development;
– etc.

6. If you have children and wish to “unleash” their abilities.
then with our help, you have the opportunity:

– to determine the aptitudes of a child, a teenager;
– Identify the aspirations of the child/adolescent;
– choose an interesting and developmental activity for him/her (enthuse him/her);
– determine a suitable profession, according to his personality type and peculiarities;
– etc.

7. If you want to give someone an unusual gift with our help, you have the opportunity:
– present a person with his psychological portrait, which will unusually emphasize his individual features and carefully mark the moments that (if desired) can be tweaked or turned into advantages;
– to give you a discount on getting a psychological profile;
– Present the opportunity to make a psychological portrait as a gift or any other option presented;
– etc.

8. If you are in love or value friendship, then with our help, you have the opportunity to:
– to study the person of interest in advance (remotely), to make his psychological portrait – namely: “reveal” a set of key and additional features, priorities, values, abilities, negative and positive traits of the Personality;
– to determine if your personalities are compatible;
– to find a personality match;
– Identify the personality traits, positive and negative (just in relation to you) qualities of your partner, understand some innate characteristics, behavior, reactions, traumas, etc.

Remote or counseling work?
Work of our psychologist personologist, physiognomist – can be remote (only on the basis of the materials received from the customer for drawing up a psychological portrait) or include preliminary face-to-face consultation and the subsequent drawing up of a psychological portrait of Personality (in this case, drawing up of a brief post-consultation portrait of Personality – is included in cost of consultation).
The results of our work are provided in writing, which will allow the client to repeatedly get acquainted with the important features of the Personality and, if desired, to start working in the direction of appropriate adjustments of the Personality (counseling, therapy, training, etc.).

Selection, work order and price
The type of work, style and volume is determined by the customer (from 5 to 100 pages of printed text A4 depending on the content).

1 – Stage. The client (customer) chooses the work he wants to order. Works can be combined (at the request of the client) or selected from the list of proposed works. Full information – will provide a representative of our company in your region.

Get information about your options here.

After the customer forms the combination of his order – the total cost of the order is determined.
If the work is not combined, but corresponds to the proposed options – you will be familiarized with the fixed price of work regional representatives of our company.

2 – Stage. The client (customer) orders the selected work to the representative of the company, receives information about what exactly from the list of requirements should be provided for further processing of the order and provides the requirements necessary for the fulfillment of the work (see order form).
In addition, with the representative the term and variant of work execution, as well as the form of payment are agreed upon.


Please note that there is a large list of requirements on the order form. The items on this list are general requirements for complete and in-depth personality studies. Depending on what kind of work you prefer – and will depend on the set of requirements accordingly to your order. For example, for a brief physiognomic portrait of the Personality – from the client it is required to provide the information according to the 1st to 5th points from the order form, etc.

Company representative and discounts

A company representative is your focal point for order selection, pricing and discounts.
His task is to inform you about the options of the work, its scope, essence, deadlines and possible discounts in the price.
Our company representatives can be found in the “Contact Us” section of the website
If you are dealing with a person whom you did not find on the site, but who is speaking on our behalf (which is possible in cases of the initial stage of work of this person in our company) – please contact the CIL representative in charge of your region (only in mandatory order on the phone numbers indicated on the site!) and clarify all the necessary information from him/her.
In case of difficulty, please contact the Company’s management at

[email protected]

labeled “question for management”. The psychologists of our company – who are listed under “Our Psychologists” on the website – are not regional representatives of CIL.