About human energy

Because each person’s energy is different from the energy of other people. It is absolutely unique and individual. Its formation is influenced by:

~ Heredity\ is everything that is “absorbed” by a person on a genetic level;
~ peculiarities of energy of parents, grandparents;
~ individual peculiarities of the Personality.

Individual energy (IE) is divided into internal and external. The internal energy of a person is responsible for the general vitality of the whole organism:

~ tone,
~ pressure. ~
~ blood circulation. ~
~ cerebral vascular pressure ~
~ eye pressure,
~ oral, laryngeal regions.

External energy is a light aura. It surrounds a person and interacts with other energies.

The role of energy

Energy is the first to take on all negative and positive influences on a person (protection, defense mechanism).

If a person’s energy is in tone, there are no energy failures, there is regular recovery (constant restorer) – then the risk of somatic diseases is significantly reduced, because the body’s defenses are working well. Healthy energy is a kind of strong immunity (maintenance of human life activity).

Where energy is involved?

Restoring energy allows many somatic problems to be resolved.

In addition, energy is involved in all areas of a person’s life and activities:
~ the energy of the name
~ energy interaction
~ compatibility
~ marriage and family
~ business
~ negotiation ~
~ energy etiquette
~ home and office energy

Various techniques of personology and expert personology, including color and sound therapy, are used to correct and restore human energy.

Energetic psychological-physiognomic portrait

Making an energetic portrait of the Personality allows to reveal:

~ features of the IE
~ strengths and weaknesses of IE
~ energy breakdowns and blows
~ energy diseases
~ energy and physiognomic phenomena (energy vampire, chameleon, mediumship phenomenon)
~ reserve forces of the organism (their state), if necessary to activate them and direct them to “help” the damaged place or psyche
~ the level of formation of defense mechanisms of the Personality

If you feel problems related to energy (as a rule, they do not go away by themselves) – we are waiting for you in our Center!