Psychological counseling in PR issues and writing PR articles for your company

Expert group “Center for the Study of Personality”, offers you to write PR – articles for the promotion of your project, website or business in general.

Such work with us, can be on a permanent basis (permanent service of your company – which significantly reduces the cost for you the service of writing and further promotion of such an article) and one-time cooperation.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of these articles is that we write them from the point of view of psychological impact on the audience, which means:

  • the article will be read, perceived, analyzed by the potential client,
  • the article will leave many questions in the mind of the reader and subconsciously he will become interested in your product and your business direction,
  • new clients will be interested in you.

This is the result of using special personological techniques in PR, closed techniques of Personality Studies.

In addition, writing such articles – has a reverse effect on the customer, namely – acts as a stimulator of his Personal growth and a motivator for the development of his company. How does it happen? Simply, before writing each PR-article, we analyze the customer’s work and identify the moments that scare, alarm or confuse his client (the so-called “points of discomfort”). We correct them from the point of view of psychological perception (either the customer corrects this point or we explain the reason for this “discomfort” to the client) of his activities (which significantly accelerates the overall dynamics of the development of the company – because it brings clarity and improves the overall situation) and predict in the articles more successful development and perception of his company in the market of competitive products.

So you have a chance to improve your work and tell others about it with this service!

The first article is at a discounted rate.

Submit your applications in advance, as our customer base in this direction – staffed, which means that we work on a schedule in which your company will be included.
Regular customers – favorable conditions.
We are waiting for you!