Master – practice for beginning psychologists (training young professionals in individual counseling in practice) or for those who want to diversify their practice with new areas of psychological work.

What is a Master Practice?

Master – practice – is an integral part of science of personology and physiognomy, and represents the process which includes detailed and step-by-step consideration of a psychologically difficult situation by group of participants, under the direction of the psychologist – personologist, physiognomist.

A psychologist of a different profile cannot conduct a master practice because he or she does not have a tool for expert assessment of Personalities and situations.

How does it happen?

Psychologist-personologist, physiognomist – sets a task, designates initial data (i.e. outlines a complex and voluminous psychological situation).

Participants begin to become involved in the situation and work in the given direction.

In the course of the whole master – practice, the psychologist-personologist guides the group and encourages the participants to search for solutions independently, which is the mechanism of training in psychological practice.
The area of training (e.g., child psychology, family counseling, business consulting) is set by the group’s request.

The level of difficulty is set by the psychologist-personologist taking into account the level of the group of participants (students, interns, psychologists practicing more than 1 year, psychologists with good practice, psychologists after maternity leave, etc.).

In the process of work – psychologist – personologist assesses the effectiveness of each participant, who during the correction of their proposals – are given recommendations on how to develop further (taking into account their strengths and weaknesses and characteristics of Personality).
If the participants are practicing psychologists and simply move to another direction of practice – they offer their already developed methods and directions for solving the task at hand. Then these methods are analyzed and applied in practice – where again the effectiveness of the work of participants, psychological tools and the ability to choose them is determined.

How long does the master practice last??

The master practicum lasts 2 hours.

Conducting options?

– In-person group,
– Webinar,
– League of Psychologists and Psychotherapists – Forum.


– Experience in using the toolkit and sharing experiences,
– ability to work in an assessment team,
– learning new methods and techniques,
– conducting client assessment (application of physiognomy in practice),
– conducting “practical selection of effective techniques”,
– Personal growth, etc.


Practical trainings on physiognomy (both for those interested and for professional psychologists).

These are in-person classes, see TRAININGS – PHYSIOGNOMICS for details.


Children’s trainings of Personal growth, self-organization, training in physiognomy (face-to-face / correspondence / on-line, individual / group).

For more details, see TRAINING FOR KIDS.


Women’s trainings of Personal growth, self-organization, training in physiognomy (face-to-face / correspondence / online, individual / group).

See TRAINING FOR WOMEN for details.


A series of webinars (online seminars) on physiognomy and the study of people by the method of making a psychological portrait, physiognomic makeup (a practical technique to improve your image), recruitment, etc.

For more information see WEBINARS


Training practical course on “Business – physiognomy” (e-course for business people).