The head of the project is Natalia Tishchenko – a practicing psychologist of the “Center for the Study of Personality”, children’s energy diagnostician, specialist in the field of color separation.

This project of the expert group of the “Center for the Study of Personality” (CSP) – created specifically for parents and children who today, have unresolved psychological or somatic problems in their relationships, affecting the further normal development of each participant of the problem (learning, perception, memory, friendship, marriage, work, etc.).

Our task is to help you and your children to solve their childhood problems, which have imperceptibly already become quite adult, to resolve internal conflicts, to expand your horizon of knowledge about psychological problems and their consequences, offenses and psychotraumas of childhood, projections of problematic relationships with parents on their newly created family, as well as – to restore your and your child’s energy, to adapt the child to complex family and other social relationships, to change the wrong perception of what is happening.

The project includes:

– diagnosing problems,
– correction,
– development (trainings and individual developmental classes).

We use methods developed by the “Center for the Study of Personality”, based on expert physiognomy and personology, the efficiency of which is 98%.

Experience shows that it is adults who are to blame for children’s problems (and this applies to adults themselves – and in turn to their parents). But which adults? And how did they affect the child (or you)? What is wrong with the child now (and what is wrong with you)? How not to make the mistakes of your own parents and how to correctly discern your current mistakes in relation to the upbringing of your kids?

You can get answers to these and other questions by referring to our project – “Anatomy of a Child’s Personality”.

Help your child to become a strong and independent Person, to grow up to be a healthy person and a professional in his/her business! And before that, help yourself to become a balanced adult, an authoritative parent and a friend for your child!