CSP presents individual consultations of a psychologist – personologist, physiognomist on the following issues:

– HR and PR technologies (image development, management style, etc.)
– Business consulting
– Influence strategy development
– Problems of personal growth
– Psychological management and management psychology
– Psychological counseling Personality problems and correction
– Family problems
– Interpersonal communication
– Team climate (group coordination and adaptation to groups), organization and conduct of team robots
– Clinical psychology
– Fears and anxiety
– Personnel selection (and vocational selection)
– Career guidance


To order counseling services you make a request.
After receiving confirmation of the consultation (time of the beginning and method of communication) you pay for the services at the agreed rates.
Options of consultations:
On-Line (e-mail, ICQ, Skype) or face-to-face consultation.

Our principles in counseling:

1. In counseling – we individually select methods, thus eliminating template and stereotypical approaches to the client and his problem.

2. We do not apply or use test methodologies. You will ask “why?”. We will give you arguments and facts:

– Tests – have serious disadvantages. Test results can be strongly influenced by factors unrelated to intelligence, such as low motivation and high levels of anxiety, as well as a number of other circumstances.

– Test – easy to “cheat” if the person knows what the test sets out to do, and also if the test taker has taken the test before.

– Entering other states of consciousness (affect, stress, alcohol) – test answers will be different.

In Old Town, Maine, a police officer was fired after he refused to submit to a penile plethysmograph test.

The test was attempted to be used to assess the sexual proclivities of this police officer who was suspected of molesting children.

To perform this psychophysiological test, a rubber tube filled with mercury is placed around the test subject’s penis, and then videos or slides of nude adults and children of different genders are shown in front of the test subject. When the subject becomes sexually aroused, the tube is stretched – with the mercury recording the arousal. The experts conducting the test make a graph and determine what arouses the test subject more: which situations, adults or children, men or women, violent sex or consensual sex.

Psychologists have noted that although the penile plethysmographic test provides an accurate measure of sexual arousal, it lacks predictive validity: it cannot predict whether or not an individual will perform any behaviors in the presence of such feelings (Barker & Howell). The researchers also note that of all the people who are sexually aroused by children, few actually try to satisfy their desires. Therefore, this test cannot determine if a person has committed a sexual offense, and the results of the test cannot predict if they intend to commit a sexual offense in the future.

Thus, the officer accused the Olde Towne authorities of violating his civil rights. The court ordered the officer’s reinstatement.

3. We use questionnaires (self-questionnaires) – as part of our work – as part of our diagnostic procedure.

4. We use methods of comprehensive study of Personality on the profile “psychological and physiognomic portrait of Personality”, the accuracy of which is 98%.

5. We do not use medication or pharmacologic treatment and prevention in our work.

6. We do not work with clients under medication by a physician or in therapy with a psychiatrist.