Color separation – a system of human analysis, which based on his color preferences or antipathies – allows you to conduct both diagnosis and correction of identified problems of the Personality.

Coloring can be remote and face-to-face, group and individual. With its help, based on the use of a number of special techniques, it is possible to make a “color” psychological portrait of a Person (adult, teenager, child).

With color separation you can:

  • Identify norms and deviations in Personality development and color perception
  • To improve your health.
  • Establish situational and fixed preferences, identify deviations or other problems
  • Trace the path from fear (fright) to normality, identify stressors and causes of fears (objects / people / situations), develop individual corrective measures
  • Identify the essence of information blocks sent by the Personality
  • Identify psychologically traumatic boundaries of the Personality
  • Diagnose energy compatibility with different people, the state of energy of the Personality
  • Match the colors of energy restorers and identify the colors of destroyers
  • Carry out multifaceted and point correction of the Personality

and much more