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Why would a grown modern man need a mustache?

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Why would a grown modern man need a mustache?

About Science:
Physiognomy is a factual science. That is, it states what is here and now. It does not make predictions based on someone else’s thoughts, unfounded guesses or fortune-telling. No predictions or momentous promises. No prophecies or changes of fortune. No psychicism or magic. All this – not to physiognomy.

What is on the face now – that is fixed by the expert-physiognomist who applies purely scientific (though closed) methods of diagnostics.Physiognomic expertise is based on: medicine (dermatology, psychiatry, therapeutic diagnostics, traumatology, plastic surgery, forensic science, etc. ), psychology (personology, psychosomatics, clinical psychology, energetics, personal development, child psychology, age psychology, etc.), criminology (lying, propensity to criminal acts, psychology of a criminal, etc.), cosmetology, visage, imageology, stylistics, political science. Not to mention physiognomy (which has its own structure and scientific base consisting of more than 80 key areas). I devote a lot of time to expert development, adaptation of many techniques, conduct serious research on the basis of which I can draw conclusions supported by experiment.

Mustache reading:
Is there a special category of men who wear mustaches? What kind? How can they be characterized?

А: These are people who, firstly, have something on which they tend to concentrate their attention, and secondly, mustached people have a tendency to hide (in expert physiognomy the upper lip is responsible for the inner world of the Personality). But very much depends on a form of a mustache and its condition.

Is it possible to say something about a person based on the fact that he or she has a mustache of a certain shape – determine the traits and qualities of a person’s character by the shape of his or her mustache?

А: Of course. Thin and long mustaches – speak of the sophistication of the owner’s nature (or the creation of such an image), his tendency to personal victories and demonstrativeness. These are aesthetes, prone to attract attention and bathe in compliments. They themselves are quite vulnerable and sensitive to pressure. Not particularly eager to take responsibility – free romantics.

A thick and wide mustache is a sign of practicality and assertiveness. If they are not well-groomed, it speaks of a masterly attitude to life and selfishness.
Mustache, descending to the chin – speaks of the desire to manage, dominate and control others. Mustache in the form of a circle, smoothly passing into a graceful beard – speaks of the desire of such a mustache to appear dreamy, but more mature than he is in reality (and also speaks of the desire to appear passionate).
Mustache with bent ends – speaks of the owner’s sense of humor and his acting talents.


Psychologist-personologist, expert physiognomist
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