1. Question:

Hello! Is it true that women like it when a man raises his right or left eyebrow (visually indicates logic and understanding)? Is it a physiognomic trick? Vadim, 21 years old.

Hello Vadim!
Yes, there is such a technique. The so-called technique of “ironically raised eyebrow”, “provocative and expectant raised eyebrow”, “amazement of a true man”, etc.
It is a technique – physiognomic attractiveness, depending on the ability of the man himself to use it. It is applied with the greatest efficiency to new familiar women, with the purpose – to intrigue, to interest, to amaze, to bring mystery, etc. (with a hint of seduction). (with a hint of seduction when looked at point-blank).
Regarding the meaning – each man must learn to put the very meaning that he wants to demonstrate to the lady or someone else, but later, if the raising of the eyebrow will become a habit – then this mimic stroke will be perceived by familiar people as a stereotype of your behavior.

2. Question:

Hi. Should I tell the truth to my girlfriend that I am totally unattracted to her without makeup? She is interesting and very intelligent, but she is just a different person! With and without makeup are two different girls! What to do? Alexander.

Hello Alexander!
Probably, you just do not want to see the real picture of this situation. In fact, the girl (you should give her credit – she knows how to use cosmetics – changing herself beyond recognition!), in principle, you do not like, it is not related to cosmetics. The point is that you are not attracted to SHE, but you are attracted to her image – which is created by her with the help of makeup. Thus, you have to sort yourself out and not tell her anything, for that is only your perception of her.
On the other hand, take a closer look at your friend’s face without makeup. You will surely see a “different, unfamiliar” to you face, but it is certainly interesting in its own way. Individuality, which was hiding from you under the “mask of makeup”, the true face of the person with whom you are now close. Think not about visual perception, but about spiritual perception.
And finally, think: what is the difference between that face with makeup and this one without it? What is the fundamental difference between them? And what exactly, then, do you find attractive in women? Once you understand, you will answer the question of what to do next. And do you really need a girl who will no longer be the image and will match what you see? Then will your requests coincide with the real situation?
There is one more detail. If you think about it, your girlfriend is able to change her appearance dramatically, create images and match them – this is the artistic components and talent of reincarnation. Will you be interested in a man who will just be in one (but like you) form? Or is it the reincarnation that attracts you to her?

3. Вопрос:

Hi. What is the importance and place of odor? The first part of the question is pleasant (shampoo, cologne and shaving cream) and the second part of the question is both men and women have the same perception? How to attract using odors? Fedor.


Hello, Fedor!
It is of great importance, leading. The fact is that people choose other people by smell. By the odor that our body gives off. Nowadays, we use a lot of products with powerful odors – perfumes, creams, toilet water, wet wipes, etc. These “gimmicks” make a difference – muffling, changing body odor, creating a new scent and affecting the psyche accordingly.
Some people are attracted to certain odors, others are repulsed by the same odors, irritated or even cause aggression and allergic reactions (in psychology the direction studying this subject is called Ol-factor).
Men and women have different perception of odors. Logically, we can conclude on the lines of perfume, which are divided into male line (fresher fragrances, strict and classic) and female (floral and sweet and light notes).

As experience shows, it is better to know in advance what scents your loved one likes. Summer or winter, sweet or fresh and masculine (secretly, many women use men’s scents as pure and mixing them with other scents) or feminine (but men rarely use women’s perfumes, but use shower gels, creams, shampoos).
Attract can be studied by studying the direction of aroma-therapy (direction of treatment-healing or calming by means of odors of oils, salts, etc.) and determining what the object of lust likes. Pay attention to aroma oils, aroma bath salts. With these elements you can not only create a romantic environment, but also calm the nerves, restore strength.

4. Question:

Hello! My favorite woman is always telling me how much she likes my scar from a recent injury. She says it emphasizes my strength… Is this about physiognomic attractiveness or a joke?

Indeed, women often like scars on a man’s body, as a sign of strength, traces of battles – as an indicator of masculinity, and therefore – reliability, as well as demonstration to friends of a strong partner (which increases the self-esteem of the woman herself).
Your woman, perhaps, refers to such young ladies, who sincerely like these touches, if of course you are not particularly worried about this scar (do not belong to the aesthetes) and she, with such words, is not trying to calm you down and convince you of his attractiveness.

5. Question:

Hi. What are the main things (accessories) that visually increase the price of my suit? Georgi.

Hello George!
In the first place – watch, boots (made of fine leather, rubbed to a shine or just a well-known company, popular model), pen. In the second place – jewelry made of gold (ring, bracelet, tie clip and cufflinks), mobile.
These accessories immediately catch the eye and are the main indicators of wealth – or the creation of such an image.
Pay attention also to the folder, bag and bursette that you carry with you.

6. Question:

Hi. What is the principle and the sequence in which appearance is evaluated at the moment of acquaintance?


Thank you for your question!
Evaluation and perception of a person is a process that takes place from the first 3 seconds of communication. For some people it is prolonged due to new inputs (information, actions, words). But on average it is fleeting and subconscious.
If you look at the question professionally, for example, when you are sitting and waiting for a candidate to enter the room – your task is to “evaluate” and understand whether he is suitable for you in your department, office, business, then in addition to the above, special (obviously studied) methods of personality assessment are used.
The principles of assessment depend on the goals of the assessment. If it is appearance, then the key parameters for a quick study will be:
– style and neatness;
– positioning on a par with style (conformity);
– behavior – correspondence between the “visible” image and the real one (determined by a psychologist);
– approximate estimation of the cost of clothes and accessories.
These are the key areas of evaluation by appearance. The next qualities will be already features and traits – punctuality, creativity, decency.

7. Question:

Hi. Business etiquette is a welcome thing in an organization. But does this knowledge emphasize individuality? Or not. I heard a phrase from an acquaintance “I know so much about etiquette that I may not adhere to it”. What does that say?

First of all, it speaks about your friend’s inability to use the acquired knowledge to his advantage. After all, knowing is not everything, the main thing is to be able to apply this knowledge correctly. At least, this is how his words can be perceived by you. And here is the reason why it was said, for example, to give you the impression of an experienced pro, but not a formalist – that is the use of a kind of “trick”.
As for emphasizing individuality with the knowledge of business etiquette, the etiquette will never be superfluous (if it is in a normal, not fanatical manifestation) and skillfully complements your manner of doing business and characterizes you, at the same time, as a skilled professional with knowledge and respect for business – colleagues \ partners. At least, such skills will become an integral characteristic when you are appointed to a higher and more promising position, if you turn them into a “trick” – for example, to make them a look and “bait” for the image in the negotiation process.

8. Question:

Hello! I’m a marketing consultant. I’m in a job that involves talking to people. But… I am a marketer, not a talker! I want to dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and not speculate “about the desires of someone’s wife to replace the kitchen…”! How to fight with myself, maybe not to smile and keep silent – thus, not to attract people?


Hello!!! It’s an interesting challenge to attract customers, but not to set them up for out-of-bounds communication. Let’s try to tackle it!
Smiling and disposition are tricks to attract customers. Well, who wants to ask anything from a sullen and angry salesperson?
You may have chosen the wrong tactic. The seller smiles, has a favorable attitude and adjusts to the buyer – trying to understand his desire and help him choose the goods. Many buyers are spurred to communicate, but not in the right way.
Try to be assertive. Do not wait for the development of topics. The buyer at the beginning is still interested in the product – and your task: to set him on the product. Try to talk about the product – one, second, third….. about advantages, about class, about price, about savings.
Your dialog should approximately have the following form:
– ……yes, this washing machine is class A.
– my wife wants one of these at….
– look, it’s small size for any bathtub, if you want kitchen and it fits under the sink in 10 minutes, convenient and efficient…..
– she wanted the color blue…
– the color range is presented here – here is blue and blue, even turquoise! Believe me – this is a favorable offer!
And don’t stop smiling, use physiognomic tricks to attract customers. It’s important for business in general.

9. Question:

Hello! Is it true that transparent lip gloss is suitable for everyone? Anna.

Transparent gloss can be with glitter (not for everyone), with mother-of-pearl (not always for everyone), not too flashy and play in the sun like water on the lips.
The gloss should be chosen individually. See how it plays, how it looks on the lips, what shape they give them (increases, emphasizes their thinness).
Transparent glosses are not very suitable for mature women. They will go more matte lipsticks of dark, brown or calm pink shades. It looks more solid and dressy than gloss, the more transparent – it is more youthful and relaxed image.
It is not customary to use glosses in the office, because the main focus is on attracting attention to the lips (this is work, not a photo studio).
Although if you work in a creative team and your office rules do not prohibit – then there is no question. After all, the principle of using something is as follows: it goes, emphasizes the advantages, improves – then you can! The choice is yours!

10. Question:

Hello, I admire my girlfriend’s grace and realized that my gait (next to her) looks plain and silly. Gait is an expression of a part of a person, and how do I change it? How to add grace and poise?

Hello! You are right, gait reflects our essence and is an expression of us. It is formed under the influence of mandatory requirements (straight back, raised head) – which are inculcated from childhood and modified by consciousness and self-awareness. By any gait, you can tell a lot.
A graceful gait is formed by realization and feeling of oneself, one’s attractiveness, lightness – this is the state of a person’s soul. Notice, when the state and feeling of yourself changes – the gait changes.
Proceeding from this, your task is first to determine: what exactly you see your gait, i.e. what kind of person you imagine yourself to be. And to begin, after that, the process of self-improvement in order to improve the elements and strengthen them in general.
You can start by attending trainings – you will realize what exactly you lack, but it is very necessary to get, as well as put yourself the gait of a “winner”, “wild beast”, “master”, etc., depending on your inner needs and desires.

11. Question:

Hi. Is it true that beautiful people win more easily and get what they want faster? Is it because of their “physiognomic attractiveness”? Maryana, 17 years old.

Hello Marjane!
The answer is not unambiguous. On the one hand we can say that – Yes. People, of course, try to use their appearance and get what they want through it. When – succeeds, when – not. Beautiful people are perceived positively – especially by the opposite sex.
But “beauty” as a concept is relative. For each person, the criteria are individual. Remember the phrase “don’t be born beautiful, but be born happy” – it says that happiness does not depend on beauty.
Thus, beauty – in the understanding of the limitation of external data, is not “physiognomic attractiveness” without a number of skills, knowledge, without presenting yourself. In other words – it is not the maximum of possibilities, it is a base, which can be used, including wrongly (even to one’s own detriment). After all, there is such a concept as charm (a strong and important thing).
Another thing is a complex approach. Returning to charm – it is an innate quality and the effectiveness can exceed the possibilities of just “smarmy face”. It can be learned artificially, with the help of physiognomic technologies.
Creation of the necessary image – is formed by means of system of knowledge. And if a person does not consider himself beautiful – he will not become beautiful, even if he is very impressive. The question consists in formation of self-perception and feeling of influence, self-assessment and elimination of “appearance complex”.
The best start in the direction of this self-improvement – a trip to a psychologist with the subsequent elimination of complexes in this area and the designation of further direction of movement.

12. Question:

Hello! Help me to create an image. Where should I start this work? I understand that I will turn to a specialist, it is necessary, but perhaps it is possible to do preliminary work? What kind of work?


Yes, of course. The preliminary work on creating your image should be systematized.
I suggest that you begin your preparatory work by answering the following defining questions:
1. Who do you see yourself as in six months and why?
2. What do you want to achieve and why?
3. Are these two concepts compatible with each other?
Think about your lifestyle. Does it match what you want or is it what you want to change fundamentally!
4. describe your social role.
5. What do you like about yourself that you want to keep the same?
Realize your social role. How do you understand it, how do you use it. Do you want to change it and what would you lose by exchanging your old social role for a new one.
6. Are you satisfied with your appearance?
7. What colors do you like and why (remind you of something, from childhood, just like it)?
8. What colors do you want to see in your clothes?
Who surrounds you?
9. What kind of people do you like (their style of dress and occupation)?
10. Do you like the people you know? How do they live?
11. Are you dependent on the opinion of others? Degree of dependence.
12. Why do you not create your image yourself (what exactly prevents your realization)?
Answer these questions in writing. Describe each answer and think about the picture you have gotten. Did you discover answers you didn’t even know you had? Is there anything to think about?
With these variants of answers, you can safely turn to the specialist in image development or psychologist of this direction (our Center has specialists of this direction), who will help you to choose the best option, taking into account your individual characteristics (face shape, figure, age, lifestyle, desired lifestyle, etc.).

13. Question:

By emphasizing the beauty of our face, our appearance, are we thus emphasizing the beauty of our personality?

In part, yes. But it should be remembered that this is only the initial stage of work!
After all, all kinds of means (creams, masks, massage procedures, cosmetics), aimed at improving appearance – this is a kind of therapeutic effect. A person is transformed by the thought of improvement, actions are the second step on the way to perfection.
Consequently, the person changes. But for how long? After all, to maintain these changes (so that they become a habit, not a momentary step of preparation for an event) – requires more constructive and concrete, systematic work and well-motivated ground. Then a person will “learn” the need to look good always, under any circumstances.
As for “beauty of personality” – the main thing is that this very beauty should become the main feature of a person’s Personality, only in this case it can be considered as such. Otherwise, it will be only an available temporary image, which, unfortunately, will be different from the real picture of things and sooner or later risks to disappear.

14. Question:

Does sympathy from women depend on a man’s sense of self?

Completely and totally! Have you ever seen a poster with the following content: a slouching man walks with his head down, and he is met by the same woman. At the sight of each other – they align their backs, straighten their shoulders and, sexually enticing, pass each other. The third stage – the same picture as in the first.
Now imagine their feelings. The first and third stages, after all, are quite different from the second. After all, self-perception – and is the bait, directed “outside” – people feel the fire in your eyes, feel your mood, feel your self-esteem – based on this make decisions about actions directed to your address. I have no doubt that you have heard the phrase – “you want to be loved? – First of all, love yourself” (realize your virtues and show them to others and you will attract, motivate, interest love).
I will tell as an example a situation from my life. When I go out of the house to work, at the same time I have a great mood, everything is wonderful and the sun is shining, I smile – then men do not let my eyes down and try to get acquainted. And on days when the mood is bad, hence the look of detachment or sad eyes – there is no such attention from the side. People are attracted by the “crest of success”, good mood.
Good luck to you in your self-improvement!

15. Question:

Help! I’m afraid of losing my individuality! I am susceptible to the fact that I like to try different styles. Not always trendy or expensive brands. Just completely different ones – the main thing is to try it out, to see if it fits or not. Maybe I’m on a quest? But I’m afraid of losing my individuality. Maxim. I’m 25 years old.

Thanks for the question. It is good that you have defined for yourself and us what is “not always fashionable” and defined the goal – “to experience”. Otherwise, it would be somewhat erroneous and not quite effective for you to consult you on the issue of people’s dependence on fashion as a social manipulation of consciousness. But if you are interested in this topic – contact our Center.
Let’s get to the bottom of it. Your key problem is the fear of losing your individuality. Why? Do you have any preconditions? Do you think that it is normal to try on and try on a lot at your age? Or are you embarrassed by the boundaries you’re crossing?
The fear of losing individuality, is relevant and valid if:
– You go into a borrowed image (e.g., like actors in the theater)
– you’re copying the people around you;
– you “hide” from something, often making changes;
– do not have your own formed preferences;
– can’t stop searching and feel painful about it;
– feel problems in your own behavior;
– have internal disharmony or conflicts related to the issue of frequent changes of style, search;
– need constant control or consultation (opinion) of people around you.

If there is something that you think is yours, we are happy to help you. If your search is limited to various external changes, does not cause problems or damage to others and gives you pleasure – change at your leisure!