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«Prospects of star couples: read the face»

What’s behind the scenes.
On red carpets, celebrity couples hug, kiss and flash Hollywood smiles. But what happens when they’re left alone? Are the stars happily married? Do they have relationship problems? What do they fight and clash about? Of course, no star will never say it directly. But the editorial staff of found a way to lift the veil of secrecy and find out what happens in the relationship of Hollywood couples. Where are the real feelings, and where competent PR? Of course, not all stars are ready to tell the press about problems in their relationships. But often their faces tell about it for them – physiognomy has long taught not only Dr. Lightman to reveal thoughts and feelings.

We asked Alisa Anisimova, physiognomy expert, psychologist-personologist, business coach and consultant of the “Center for the Study of Personality”, to take a close look at the faces of 6 of the most star couples in Hollywood and tell us how compatible they are, what problems their couple suffers from and what are their chances to keep their love.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – is a couple whose union strengthens their interest in each other’s Personality. This is the union of two leaders. Pay attention to their gaze – Angelina’s eye shape speaks of risk-taking (as a character trait) and adventurism. This person is not made for a measured marriage or a “cozy relationship”. She is a lover by her physiognomic structure, which is based on the hunter style. And the shape of Pete’s eyes indicates a desire to extinguish the risk-taking in her, an interest in her as a woman, but passive in emotion in comparison. He wants fire – which he lacks in himself, but to extinguish it is for him to conquer.

They are 80% compatible, where individual interest in each other is the main regulator of the relationship (40% of these 80). Their differences are fundamental. They are what dampen interest, as they eliminate the mystique of each. When there is a war of ambition, willful decisions – Jolie leads, as she has a predominance of the male component in his personality basis, and Pete on the contrary has a female predominance and tends to yield to her. Their union depends on the desire of each to be interesting to the other, and taking into account the peculiarities of their work – they can manage it for quite a long time. If they weren’t actors, they would have separated a long time ago. It is the attraction of warriors, but harmonized by the character of each.

Beyonce and Jay Z are a couple held together by mutual understanding and love. They are both accommodating to each other, while both are interesting people. They are compatible as they are able to live on the same wavelength. He and she are open-minded people (as evidenced by the shape of Z’s nose and Beyonce’s eyes). Their union can be long lasting as long as there is love and trust. The direction of disagreement is more often taste, about which the main arguments can arise.

The Beckhams – have a couple relationship dynamic. The fact is that David chose one Victoria, and she became another. Physiognomic changes in Victoria’s face, speak of her increased level of aggressiveness (chin and lower eyelids), irritability and mistrust (the area between the nose and the inner side of the eye). Morbid jealousy is prevalent (indicated by her current lip shape).
David suffers from this relationship, but since he is a man – a one-lover with patience (area of the brow arches and forehead wrinkles), justifies to himself her such behavior. Their union is held together by him. And their disagreements are about pressing and controlling each other.

Katy and Rasel are a couple with a penchant for experimentation, which is what keeps them together. He is a turn-on and schemer, active and dynamic. She wants it all (a frequent emotion of interest in this direction), but does not have it in her Personality, which she made up for with Russell. They are attracted to colors, experimentation, risk (the shape of their eyebrows, the shape of their temporal lobes). They are not compatible, but they are brought together by their opposites and the personal growth of each in that relationship. That is, one gets from the other what he or she does not have. Relationships are built on adjusting to each other.
Disagreements arise when he goes beyond her perception of the norm. This is when they have the most intense conflicts.

Robert and Kristen are compatible primarily on the basis of inner brutality and aggression (distance of interbrow arches, distance between upper eyelid and eyebrow, frequent “sets” of wrinkles defining aggression). They have a lot in common. They feel each other as really close people. Their compatibility is over 70% in pure compatibility. Disagreements on the grounds of couple management, i.e. dominance, as they are more likely to endure a form of parity relationship.

Tom Cruise and Holmes is a relationship built on passion. He is active in passion, she is passive, but has the ability to hold that passion. Tom’s smile suggests an openness and a certain childlike naiveté about Cathy. And Cathy’s smile shows a willingness to fulfill his expectations. They are compatible, as his passion is constantly fueled and channeled by her within a stable relationship. His one frequent emotion toward her is gratitude.
Disagreements, only on the basis of his constant absence, as she is not inclined to trust those who are not around for a long time.

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