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Reading success in the face

Success is always a combination of the universal and the individual. Realizing your dreams and hitting the bull’s-eye on many other people. What character traits can you see in a face? Do these women have anything in common and what exactly is it? Photos of the top 10 successful women on our list are commented by Anisimova Alisa – an expert-physiognomist of the Center for the Study of Personality.

Andrea Zhang – AVON CEO

Andrea Jang is one of the most successful women in the world. She has been successfully running Avon for over a decade and has inspired millions of women around the world to realize their plans and dreams.

Physiognomist’s comment: “Her secret of success is the ability to look at the main thing and “package” this main thing during negotiations. This person knows how to evoke trust, understanding – in other words, all the necessary emotions to reach someone’s heart. She is not a proponent of building business relationships immediately, it is important for her to dialog and contact, which opens her way to the interlocutor. This is evidenced by the combination of simultaneously included reactions of the outer corners of the eyes and the paused corners of the lips, as well as gradually included cheekbone muscles, which are in tone during the entire communication. Attention, patience are her trump cards. Deep hollows on the cheeks indicate that she is more than anyone is able to penetrate into the question for a long time. Her main audience – women. Relations with men are more difficult, even though she herself has a male way of perception and thinking, as evidenced by the peculiar positioning of wrinkles around her eyebrows.

Урсула Бернс - генеральный директор Xerox


Ursula Burns – CEO of Xerox

Physiognomist’s comment:

“This is a technician who knows how to speak the same language with difficult and often not at all sociable people. A narrowly specialized specialist, very responsible – this is evidenced by the bridles under her eyes, with pronounced wrinkles.
Her trump card – individual approach and keeping the machine (company) in detailed order. An excellent forecaster, a good strategist – this is evidenced by the features of the cheekbone structure. Her key to success is round-the-clock work, which is based on careful planning and impeccable quality.”

Olga Dergunova – President of Microsoft Russia and CIS.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“A strict person who prefers the approach of a top manager, maximizing the loading of profile sectors. This is evidenced by the specifics of gaze concentration – the way the muscle groups of the area around the eyes are loaded. The area between the eyebrows shows that Olga is able to distribute tasks competently, but prefers to make decisions on development rather than directly engage in their realization.
Her trump card is correctly placed support, the ability to speak the same language with the performers. She has a masculine mindset, so she understands men perfectly – this conclusion is drawn from a comprehensive examination of the nasolabial sectors of the face. Prefers to surround herself with strong professionals.
Expert assessment of the forehead muscles and chin tissue allows us to conclude that her success lies in her ability to stand back in time, leaving the matter to the hands and heads of highly specialized specialists”

Indra Nooyi – CEO of PepsiCo.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“Sobriety of approaches and rigidity are trump cards and helpers of this woman. This is evidenced by examination of the dependent reactions of the “aversion muscles” in conjunction with the jawline muscle complex. She is determined to learn, but she is primarily interested in profit – this is evidenced by the tumble ratio and the difference in the set of wrinkles under both eyes. She is not inclined to trust people, but highly appreciates responsible, diligent and competent specialists (peculiarity of the structure in the area of “nose horizon”). Knows how to make broad gestures and correct bets.
Does not glamorize. Her key to success – step-by-step, balanced, the ability to take risks. Sometimes a lot of things in the company depend on her decision, so she has learned to assess situations pragmatically and thoroughly.”

Irene Rosenfeld – CEO of Kraft Foods (the world’s second largest packaged foods company).

Physiognomist’s comment:

“This is a person with aptitude for chemistry and medicine. Sufficiently bold and outgoing. Her success is built on being demanding and able to get results through communication. Entrepreneurial and flirtatious. Tries to put any experience into practice. Loves creativity and style – this is told to us by the forehead map in connection with the sectors of the cheekbone map wrinkles of the skin.
Trumps – never gives up, assertive, tries to prove her point and strengthen her position. Determined to maintain a positive team spirit.”

Madonna is a singer, businesswoman, studio owner, and writer.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“This person is only involved in things she is interested in and enjoys. Not inclined to engage in business that is not hers “by definition”. Ambitious, demanding of herself. Her key to success is working on herself, valuing herself, supporting herself. She is the main product for herself, which must be competently sold – this is evidenced by the structure and ratio of the inner upper rims of the eyes and the outer rib of the eyebrow.
Success is built entirely on the image and the talent to combine incongruous elements, to make complex combinations and workaholism”.

Maria Sharapova – tennis player, athlete, model.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“The key to this person’s success is assertiveness and the inability to lose. Any situation or direction is squeezed to the max. Practical, determined and very purposeful. Set to take everything, get the maximum in both profession and relationships. Principled, tends to push and squeeze. Lip examination and modeling of forehead muscle blocks allow you to “read” it on her face.
Her strengths are resilience to exorbitant workloads and a desire to meet the high criteria set out. This woman is the architect of her own success

Oprah Winfrey is a TV show host, businesswoman.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“The ability to obtain frankness from a closed person and to listen attentively, attracting everyone’s attention – the main trump cards of this person. Reasonable, balanced and pragmatic. Can understand other people’s pain and seeks to support the person, than bribes and causes mass trust. A beautiful combination of several qualities – unadorned self-presentation, naturalness in communication and ability to predict the situation lead her to success. She truly experiences the situations she is involved in as a listener and brims with her sincerity and ability to give good advice.
She needs tactile contact to fully engage with her interlocutor. Her calling is as a psychologist. In Oprah’s case, the areas of the zygomatic landscape and masseter muscles, as well as the jawline muscles of the face, were the criteria for evaluation.”

Joanne Rowling is an English novelist and the author of Harry Potter.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“This person is attuned to family, home, children. Personality is creative, attracting those who wish to support and protect her. Possesses great stamina. Has not always had the opportunity to self-realize.
Endurance and the ability to restrain – her main trump cards. In Rowling’s case, her cheeks were the basis for expert physiognomy.
And the muscular ligaments around her eyes tell us that success is not her direct goal, but rather the logical conclusion of what she does with heart, openness and love”.

Ksenia Sobchak is a socialite and TV show host.

Physiognomist’s comment:

“The ability to properly “push” and demonstrate her epathetic image are the keys to her success. However, do not be fooled – in reality she is a completely different person, deeper and smarter than the image offered to the viewer, a person who knows how to be objective and perfectly realize complex concepts and ideas. The analysis is based on the structure of the jaw and the muscles around it, as well as the peculiarities of the forehead wrinkles.
Scandalousness, rumors and the ability to focus on the main things hide her true personality and bring the actress on stage.
Excellent technician, well-read, able to set the stage and make the rules. Not a bad manager, talented designer.
The location and pattern of micro-wrinkles on the face indicate that Xenia is able to take control, independent, set up to protect herself. Has a wide range of abilities”.

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