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Dossier: revealing the secrets of the oligarchs.

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The season of hunting for oligarchs is open! We have prepared a great surprise for all the predatory women who want to get a very rich husband. Secret dossier on the richest (and accordingly, the most desirable) men in the world!
To get a fiancé of this level (given the abundance of desiring, the presence of their gorgeous mistresses and brides, and many, like Suleiman Kerimov and Oleg Deripaska – legitimate wives), you need to have excellent preparation! After all, to conquer such an inaccessible man, you need to know literally everything about him: his weaknesses, his passions, his strengths and his secret desires.

We turned for help to our expert in physiognomy, psychologist-personologist, business coach and consultant of the “Center for the Study of Personality” Alisa Anisimova. She looked into the honest faces of our oligarchs and revealed their secrets!

Oligarch No. 1. Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich by physiognomic mimic forms (complex of facial features and wrinkles) has double (or, as they say, dual) structure of Personality. So it happens when people transfer strong and deep psychological traumas which remain on all subsequent life. Such psychological traumas, as a rule, are indicated by all physiognomic parameters of a person’s face. And the Personality in such case outwardly represents some qualities (that is a defense mechanism from the external world), and under a mask hides absolutely other, real features.
Eyes. Roman Abramovich is principled, prone to broad gestures and does not like to trifle. Thinks strategically and quite often relies on the opinions of narrowly specialized professionals in those areas of interest to him. Not categorical, judicious. Attentive, especially the problems or mistakes of others. Workaholic, tends to think ahead. A good “crisis manager”, has diplomatic qualities, thanks to which he is able to negotiate and find precise and effective options for solving issues.
Forehead. Intellectual. Intellectual. A nature that is fond of something one thing – but systematically (one-lover in his preferences). Knows how to enjoy life, but can not always truly relax and “disconnect” from business. Restrained. Introvert. Not inclined to trust, rather cautious in communication. Thinks in systems, technician in his perception.
Mouth. Tends to fence himself from unnecessary communication, prefers to communicate on interesting but neutral or business topics, and does not like when discussing his personal life. Does not seek to be the center of attention, but is always interested in those who are in the center. Sensitive, emotional. But his true attitude to anything is not inclined to show or express in words. Malignant, enterprising.
Works more successfully alone. His energizer is philosophy and psychology.

Oligarch #2. Suleiman Kerimov

Has aptitudes and abilities for everything related to finance, economics, forecasts and economic calculations. Thinks mainly in figures, by numbers, quantitatively. Dynamic, likes speed and movement forward (practically in all spheres of life).
Constructive. Able and eager to find a common language with people, but quite fiery and emotional. Tends to study and analyze. Excellent ability to predict and think strategically.
Eyes. Tries to hide his personal characteristics. Often overworked. Does not always eat right. Often endures nervous stress and overstrain. Suspicious, but tries to be objective.
Mouth. Almost always on the lookout for additional, parallel, alternative options to what one is busy doing. Very flexible. Very fond of women, especially bright, spectacular, strong-willed, mostly with a masculine character. But it is such women he does not trust.
A man creative, ideological.
Great attention to detail small and almost not significant for everyone else. Often it is guided by them, makes important conclusions for the process and makes decisions.

Oligarch #3. Mikhail Prokhorov

Business acumen is the leading quality among the individual characteristics of this Personality. Mikhail Prokhorov is inclined to constancy, is substantive, tends to direct dialogs and direct decisions.
Eyes.Active. To a greater extent prefers forceful methods of solving issues. But cunning and the ability to persuade always help him to find a wise solution and be above any difficult situation. Can be harsh, at times even more aggressive and irritable than the situation or problem requires.
His energy restorer – eastern culture, meditation, sports.
Almost always bases his actions on facts. Thinks in schemes and plans. Is successful in designing.
Mouth. Quite communicative, but resentful. A lot of perceives on his own account. Tends to achieve his own – by all means, even to go for broke.

Oligarch #4. Oleg Deripaska

A man who knows how to joke and appreciates a sense of humor. Communication is his trump card. Devoted enough to his views, constant in his desires. But in his character there is some radicality and emotionality. Open enough for communication, but not inclined to spread about his fundamental plans. Can gather, organize, interest, unite. Good at finding a common language with young people.

Eyes. Has a clear view of his actions and goals. Able to avoid sharp corners, although quite conflictual. Thinks creatively, attaches great importance to personal growth. Works more successfully in a team, feels more comfortable in a scientific or experimental environment.
Mouth. Knows how to build open-ended communications. Knows how to put people in a business mood. Often goes the extra mile. Tends to work situationally, catching the right and important moment. Can convince and actually support his position, give clear and strong arguments. Strong in trade, automobile and technology in general.
Author: Victoria Isaeva/Alisa Anisimova, specially for

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