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We follow astrological forecasts, study and compare zodiac signs, try to calculate the meaning of names and birth dates. In general, we try to collect as much information about ourselves or people we are interested in, relying on generalized characteristics and average portraits. Meanwhile, each of us is individual and does not have a complete analog in the whole world. So maybe then it makes sense to look at your individual psychological portrait! And the special science – physiognomy can help us in it.

My light, my mirror, tell me….

Physiognomy is derived from the Greek words “nature” and “knowledge” and means the art of knowing the character of a person by facial features and the ability to determine his psychological state. Facial expression is the result of emotions acting on a person and leaving a “stamp” on him for the rest of his life. In this sense, a person’s face is his business card, on which you can read not only feelings, but also character and life.
Besides banal curiosity, physiognomy can satisfy many more serious needs of a modern man. For example, what manager does not dream to have a complete and exact idea about his employees! After all it will help him not only to distribute duties and positions correctly, but also to increase quality and productivity of labor. Any entrepreneur would like to see his partners through, easily recognize the sincere intention of fruitful cooperation and catch the slightest tricks. And here, do not go to a fortune-teller, but to a physiognomist!
You have decided to tie your fate with your favorite person, but you are not sure whether you know everything about him, whether after the wedding the magic prince will not turn into Koschei the Immortal. We try to transfer from a fairy tale to real life, replace “My light, mirror, tell me…” with “Physiognomist, tell me the whole truth…”, and you already know exactly with whom you want to pass a long way of life side by side. If you want, they will also tell you about compatibility. And if, if the soulmate-ryazhenyu turned out to be a hero not your novel, then you can and a psychological portrait of a suitable candidate sketch.
If you are a family man, you must have thought about the education of children. As a rule, by the age of 17, at first glance already grown up and independent, sons and daughters do not have a clear and well-founded decision on what path to choose. This is where the parental hand of power comes to a full stop. Someone strives not to break the family tradition, continuing the dynasty of the military, someone rushes to realize their once unfulfilled dreams, putting in the hands of the child clamp and scalpel, and someone goes the path of least resistance, stopping the choice of the educational institution where there are connections. And about one, but the most important thing, we adults forget, further study and work on the specialty is not for us, not our desires and ambitions, and our children. How to make a choice and not to make a mistake, who knows in what in the future the child will manifest and open up, who can see in your favorite child hidden abilities and talents? Physiognomy.

Physiognomy gives us an opportunity not only to receive answers to questions, but also to change something in our character, behavior, in our life. If to change these or those features of a face, changes in character traits will inevitably come. By the way, it is worth paying attention to this and amateurs to correct their appearance with the help of plastic surgeons. For example, whether your loved one will be happy that together with plump lips you will acquire new character traits – some promiscuity, capriciousness? But after a qualified consultation, you can, through changes in yourself, to change the attitude of others to you, to emphasize your strengths and remove weaknesses. In general, your happiness is in your hands, or rather, on your face!

Catherine GOLOS

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