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Physiognomic expertise is a branch of practical physiognomy*,

Reference: Physiognomy* (from Greek φύσις – nature, γνώμων – knowing) – science about interrelation between external appearance of the person and origin of his individual qualities, character, temperament, inclinations, diseases and other features allowing to reveal deeply the Personality practically in any direction of its studying (reliability of which is 98%, i.e. higher than results of any test).

Physiognomy is a factual science. That is, it states what is here and now. Thus, the expert is a physiognomist.

Reference: expert – physiognomist – professional psychologist – physiognomist, using more than 3 000 practical methods of human analysis and diagnostics) and practical experience of more than 9 years of practice

Can identify psychological traumas, inclinations, predispositions, peculiarities of this person’s character; his business characteristics, peculiarities and some causes of behavior and perception of a number of situations (cruelty, for example), people (business, personal compatibility), problems (conflicts, in particular); determine professional predispositions, diagnose diseases on the face and much more.

Physiognomic expertise is based on: medicine (dermatology, psychiatry, therapeutic diagnostics, traumatology, plastic surgery, forensic medicine, etc.), psychology (personology, psychosomatics, clinical psychology, personological energy, personal development, child psychology, age psychology, etc.). ), psychology (personology, psychosomatics, clinical psychology, personological energy, personal development, child psychology, age psychology, etc.), criminology (lying, propensity to criminal acts, psychology of the criminal, etc.), cosmetology, makeup, imageology, stylistics, political science. In other words – a huge scientific toolkit, a lot of experimental work and diagnostic data. That is, it is not fictitious “facial signs” or quasi-knowledge – but scientifically and systematically substantiated by many sciences, properly structured in theory and practice real knowledge.

One of basic directions of physiognomic knowledge – are mimic and micromimic reactions of a face (system of muscular reactions of a face and their constant or frequent forms) at various reactions, emotions or, for example, lying, taking into account uniqueness of individual features of the person.

In practice, expert physiognomy allows to receive at once the information about a person. And, both on separate parts and sectors of a face (detailed physiognomy), and diagnosing facial expressions (physiognomy of lies) and a human face in general (practical physiognomy).

Roman Abramovich

The person, on physiognomic mimic forms (complex of facial features and wrinkles) – has double (or, as they say, double) structure of Personality. So it happens when people carry strong and deep psychological traumas – remaining in the basic structural system for the whole subsequent life. Such psychological traumas, as a rule, are indicated by all physiognomic parameters of a person’s face, and the Personality, in such case, externally represents some qualities (that is a defense mechanism from the external world), and in the deep system – other qualities, that makes a basis of this very Personality.

Eyes: principled, inclined to broad gestures and does not like to be petty.
Thinks strategically and quite often relies on the opinions of narrowly specialized professionals in the areas he is interested in. Not categorical, judicious.
Attentive, especially the problems or mistakes of others.
Workaholic, tends to think ahead. A good “crisis manager”, has diplomatic qualities – thanks to which he is able to negotiate and find precise and effective options for solving issues.
Forehead: Intellectual. Intellectual. Nature fond of something one – but systematically (monolover in his preferences).
Able to enjoy life, but can not always truly relax and “disconnect” from business.
Restrained. Introvert.
Not inclined to trust, rather cautious in communication.
Thinks systems, technician in his perception.
Mouth: tends to fence himself from unnecessary communication, prefers to communicate on interesting – but neutral or business topics and does not like when they discuss his personal life. Does not seek to be the center of attention, but is always interested in those who are in the center.
Sensitive, emotional. But his true attitude to anything, is not inclined to show or express in words.
Malignant, enterprising.
Works more successfully alone.
His energizer is philosophy and psychology.

Suleiman Kerimov

Has aptitudes and abilities for everything that has to do with finance, economics, forecasts and economic calculations. Thinks mainly in figures, by numbers, quantitatively.
Dynamic, likes speed and movement forward (practically in all spheres of life).
Can and strives to find a common language with people. But quite fiery and emotional. Tends to study and analyze. Tends to forecasts, including the development of relationships.
Thinks analytically and strategically.
Eyes: Tries to hide his personal characteristics.
Often overworked. Does not always eat properly and often endures nervous stress and overstrain.
Suspicious, but tries to be objective.
An important indicator for him is accountability, dynamics, prehistory.
Mouth: almost always looking for and is on the lookout for additional, parallel, alternative options to what he is busy doing. Very flexible.
Very much likes women, especially bright, spectacular, strong-willed, mostly with a masculine character. But it is such women he does not trust.
A man creative, ideological.
Great attention to detail small and almost not significant for everyone else. Often it is guided by them – makes important conclusions for the process and makes decisions.

Mikhail Prokhorov

Business acumen is the leading quality among the individual characteristics of this Personality. Prone to constancy, substantive, strive for direct dialogs and direct decisions.
Eyes: Active. For the most part favors forceful methods of resolving issues. But cunning and the ability to persuade – always help him to find a wise solution and be above any difficult situation – despite the fact that he can be harsh, at times even more aggressive and irritable than required by the situation\problem.
His energy restorer – eastern culture, meditation, sports.
Almost always bases his actions on facts. Thinks schemes and plans. Successful in projecting.
Mouth: quite communicative, but resentful. A lot of perceives on their own account. Tends to achieve his own – by all means, even to go by force.

Oleg Deripaska

A man who knows how to joke and appreciates a sense of humor. Communication is his trump card.
Quite loyal to his views, constant in his desires. But there is some radicality, emotionality.
Open enough for communication, but not inclined to spread about his fundamental plans.
Able to collect, organize, interest, unite. Good at finding a common language with young people.
Eyes: clearly visualizes his actions and goals. Able to avoid sharp corners, although, quite conflicted.
Thinks creatively, great importance betrays personal growth. Works more successfully in a team, feels more comfortable in a scientific or experimental environment (increases \ stimulates personal growth).
Mouth: Can build open-ended communication and give the impression of a willing person – which sets people up for business.
Often takes pressure. Tends to work situationally, catching the right and important moment. Can persuade and actually support his position, give clear and strong arguments.
Strong in trade, automotive and technology in general. Subjective.

Vagit Alekperov

Tends to take a stand and work harder than required.
Conflicted and specific in positions. But, quite often holds back and does not express his position.
Responsible and worried about the result of almost any endeavor.
He likes smart and neat women who know how to hold themselves and decent communication.
Eyes: a person empathizing. Slower in action than he could be. He is mostly stopped by his tendency to double-check and consult with experts before making decisions.
He is able to state problems clearly, positioning himself as an equal with the interlocutor – which is very appealing to people.
Is able to solve issues by applying his individual characteristics, building a dialog on respect.
Not unambiguous in his views.
Mouth: bossy, sharp, a little more aggressive than the situation usually requires, demanding. Tends to escalate the situation a little, but more often because of a responsible attitude to it.
Good organizer, responsible. Tries to be tolerant. Ready to work and work with dedication.
Values professionals, respects technicians (and trusts them more).
The age of a person is important for him when communicating.

Vladimir Potanin

Tends to take risks, to act quickly, what is called “on all fronts”.
Analytical mind is closely intertwined with the ability to “press” the interlocutor energetically. Thus, already at the first stages of communication – he tries to show his authority, show intelligence (and, in silence as well as his position) and demonstrate awareness of the issue under discussion.
Tends to deeply study a narrowly specialized activity.
Eyes: Tends to evaluate and analyze a person more deeply than necessary. Trusts one’s own opinions and views.
Diligent. Diligent. Focused on the goal.
Not inclined to dissipate.
Has a refined mental organization which he hardly ever shows.
Mouth: squeamish, distrustful of other people’s opinions. Is willing to look into a problem on his own.
Tends to be comfortable in communication, irritable, demanding. Suspicious, but always seeing the sharp corners and “shortcomings” of the interlocutor (from the point of view of his position), he calculates ways and options for common interests.
His energy restorer is dynamics in recreation, sports.

Mikhail Fridman

A person who does not set the task of hiding his reactions to what is happening around him.
Has a very multifaceted structure of Personality, inclined simultaneously to demonstration and substitution (roles, their generation and improvement). This is a unique feature that is inherited.
Surrounding people perceive such Personalities as open – but in fact they are so complex in nature (overloaded with multifaceted perceptions of the situation) that they themselves sometimes have difficulty deciphering their own strategic plans. They are the ones who act as creative strategists, who can achieve unbounded success.
Has an innate talent and inclination to acting, in addition, could be an excellent writer or screenwriter.
The person is quite resourceful, prone to experimentation. Aggression is heightened and manifested in all spheres of his life, but especially in business.
Eyes: object case.
An excellent crisis manager of the highest level.
Mouth: Critic. Demanding and focused on the case.
Successful in self-realization of his ambitions. Leadership qualities are enhanced by assertiveness and workaholism.
Personality willful, able to keep the opponent in the dark, easy to “play” arguments and confuse – knocking down from one position.
Restorer – creativity, theater, including different cultures of the world.
Author: Alisa Anisimova
Expert-physiognomist, psychologist-personologist,
supervisor of the “Center for the Study of Personality”

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