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Self correctionTrainings


This is a training for those who are in or seeking marriage.
The training sets the task of examining relationships in marriage, working through problems in the relationship, overcoming the traumas of marriage and identifying mistakes.
In parallel, will be considered a unique direction – personological energy, namely: what energoexchanges occur in relationships and how the process of disharmony in the relationship, how to restore the energy of marriage, how to break free from the energy of the partner – which causes us energy blows, how to avoid energy vampire and much more.

A loved one is sacred. Sometimes we are so absorbed in our feelings that we do not notice how our own spouses begin to infringe on our interests. How can we find a compromise between love and our own benefits?

Interpersonal relationships give rise to conflict situations – when people have different points of view, different desires, different goals. By mastering a few simple techniques, you will be able to better understand your partners and prevent conflict situations.

  • What is compatibility in a relationship and the factors that influence its breakdown.
  • The Conflictology of Marriage
  • The problematics of marriage
  • How to identify errors
  • How to structure everything in your head
  • Why it is not recommended to do it on your own
  • How to recognize your own and your partner’s mistakes and whether it is necessary to do so?
  • The pros of understanding what’s going on
  • The cons of understanding what’s going on
Each participant will receive recommendations on compatibility with a partner, what kind of person will suit you. In case of psychological trauma in marriage, the participant will receive a diagnosis and recommendations: why, why and how. There will be an opportunity to analyze photos of your companions.
Participants of the training will receive a brief consultation of a psychologist-personologist and energy diagnostician.