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A diagnostic method for determining personality type

Personality type

A diagnostic method for determining personality type.

What’s that?

This is a service of the type of informative psychological counseling, based on the use of personality and typing techniques. It is presented in a descriptive form, has a number of practical tips in many areas (family, work, study, problematic issues, parents – children, etc.).
The number of pages depends on the number of questions, agreed individually.


The task of this work is to determine and reveal the type of a person, thus explaining the features of his type and facilitating communication and mutual understanding with people.
In addition, the work can be interesting to different categories of customers.

Directions and Methods

Human analysis in this paper includes the use of personality typing techniques.
Through these techniques, the following are studied:

  • human interaction with the outside world;
  • information perception;
  • decision-making mechanism;
  • preferred lifestyle.

At the end of the work, recommendations for communication are given, and in the descriptive part Conclusion.
P.S. The more complete the set of requirements sent to us for study, the photos will meet the necessary quality – the more complete, in terms of points and areas of analysis, the work will be.

Terms and conditions of order fulfillment:

Under study:

  • mark in each block those questions you agree with and send it to us;
  • specify date of birth (day/month/year), sex, name, country of residence, nationality.

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