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For Women


PRACTICAL business training for women in the following areas “THE PHYSIOGNOMICS OF MEN” or “How do we understand him?”

Working with women:

Practical psychologist, physiognomy professional, expert physiognomist Alisa Anisimova Igorevna.





Target audience:
The training program is designed for:
Group A – 25 and up,
Group B – 35 and up,
Group C – 50 and up,
Group D – to order.

Form of training:
Face-to-face group training.

Materials for training – provided by the psychologist.

Term of study:

The first introductory lecture – 4 hours and 15 minutes (those who wish to continue training – choose a direction and form a separate group for the next training).

Training Program:

– Introduction – to physiognomy,
– Physiognomic Phenomena,
– Study of personality with examples,
– Physiognomic diagnostics of consciousness and subconsciousness of each participant individually.
– and much more.

Practical tretting skills:

Being able to deal with physiognomic blocks and understanding a man’s system and structure – in terms of studying him.

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