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For Women

Training “WE IN THEM – THEY IN US”

– How masculine and feminine (and even childlike) characteristics combine in a person,
– How they affect your life
– How to recognize them in your partner

(Physiognomic Energy)

Passive and active beginning Struggle of sexes on one face and reasons of such struggle Characteristic features of a man Characteristic features of a woman How female and male energy behaves How to reveal energy How much masculine or feminine in you How it influences on compatibility Phenomenon of average sex What pros and cons What are the norms of deviations How to communicate Mimic features Masks in physiognomy, manipulators of energy system, plastic surgery

Practical work individually with each participant of the training.

Physiognomic expertise will show each participant of the training his/her peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses, will help to develop further and build their relationships correctly.

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