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Prospects for star couples

There’s been a veritable epidemic of celebrity weddings lately. Celebrity couples – Prince William and Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig and others – seem to have rushed to the registry office. All these couples are beautiful, famous, rich and successful. But not all of them are destined for a happy marriage… We have repeatedly written that the science of physiognomy allows you to read the prospects of the novel on the face of a person. What are the prospects of star couples and what problems may be waiting for them in marriage? We asked these questions to our regular expert-physiognomist, psychologist-personologist Alisa Anisimova.

Prince William-Kate Middleton celebrity couple: physiognomist’s prediction

Analysis of the physiognomist: Prince William receives from the relationship with Kate Middleton lightness, which he lacks, openness and cheerfulness, feels some embarrassment from his wife and respect in relation to himself. Kate Middleton’s openness, understanding and support are important to him.
Kate Middleton quite simply relates to out-of-the-ordinary situations, is able to perceive jokes and jokes. She is dynamic and partly superficial in her attitude to problems.

Physiognomist’s prediction: this star couple will be together as long as Prince William and Kate Middleton are open towards each other. Their harmony in this case is that they complement each other. For example, he is strict and reserved, and she liberates him with her sincere attitude.

But the prince and duchess should be careful in the area of personal difficulties. For example, Kate tends to receive support in return for her zeal, and the absence of such reciprocity will be perceived as a betrayal. William, on the other hand, is determined to be obeyed, and her free-spiritedness may be perceived by him as insolence and ingratitude.

Celebrity couple Jamie Hince-KateMoss: physiognomist’s prediction

The analysis of a physiognomist: Kate and Jamie are completely different people. Kate Moss is demanding, somewhat aggressive in relationships and tends to subjugate a man to her will. She also likes to attract the attention of many men and manipulate them.
Jamie Hince is malleable – while he is happy with such demonstrativeness of his soul mate. However, on the basis of the difference of characters (and therefore actions) – inevitable conflicts, as neither of them is not set up for a calm and balanced dialog. Kate is stubborn and strong-willed, though she tries to understand Jamie’s superficiality.

Jamie likes real relationships, she is more role-playing, he is a one-woman man, she is a “predator” referring to the physiognomic phenomenon of the “femme fatale”. She is quite impulsive, provocative, and he is more focused on creativity and creativeness.

Physiognomist’s prediction: to be together, this star couple needs to learn to hear each other as soon as possible.

Celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: physiognomist’s prediction

Analysis of physiognomist: Kim Kardashian expects from the relationship loyalty, faithfulness and physical security, Kris Humphries – attention, care, helpfulness and cohesion.
In fact, in Kim he will not be sure, she will give him numerous reasons for jealousy, but the reality star will resent Chris for the lack of proper attention, his suspicions and jealousy.
Kim needs movement and development, and Chris needs constancy. They are very different in their views and perception of the situation, even now they have different opinions about many things, more often inconsistent and opposite.

Physiognomist’s prediction: for this star couple to have a future, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will have to learn to give in to each other, as both are stubborn and demanding. Particular attention to detail, as when Kim and Kris are in conflict, they both provoke their partner to radical actions that are more destructive than fundamental to the relationship.

Celebrity couple Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig: physiognomist’s prediction

Physiognomist’s analysis: this star couple has a lot in common. They are interesting to each other, both of them are in demand for external attention, they are able to be coordinators of relations. They are not inclined to dissolve in their partner, but are insistent in demanding attention. Rachel Weisz is attracted to Daniel Craig’s wisdom and his ability to achieve results.

Daniel is attracted to Rachel by the way she presents her body, her ability to emphasize her pluses, her desire to communicate. In their relationship, everyone sticks to their own format, the image that their partner likes and it is sometimes difficult for them to become themselves.

Physiognomist’s prediction: this star couple will have difficulties in everyday life, when they will be around each other for a long time. Both Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig are free-spirited, so the reliability of their union will directly depend on the duration of their time together. The more they miss each other, the more desirable the meetings will be and the more even the relationship will be. This is not a variant of sex on friendship, these two should take into account the wishes of each other and be ready not to be jealous of new acquaintances.

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