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Two complete physiognomic portraits + matching prediction

A brief portrait is like a quick consultation and an up-to-date forecast for the near future.

What’s that?

This is a physiognomic (study of a person by face) counseling, based on the use of a number of special techniques for studying personality.
It is presented in a descriptive form with a prediction for the future development in the presence of initial data. May have a practical (recommendatory) part.
Flexible order, depending on the task at hand. The number of pages depends on the number of questions, negotiated individually.


The task is set by the customer. The task of this work is to identify and reveal the full range of manifestations of personality. In addition, the work can be interesting to all who are interested in themselves and people around them.

Directions and Methods

The human analysis in this paper includes the following areas:

  • a number of physiognomic techniques (light analysis, typological technique, method of graphic linear analysis, etc.)
  • the method of studying at a distance;
  • method of morphoscopy (spots, pimples, birthmarks, scars);
  • method of somatization;
  • method of prediction on a number of directions and manifestations;
  • etc.

Through these techniques are explored:

  • Style, appearance and its perception
  • Masks;
  • Temperament;
  • Character;
  • Tendencies and physique;
  • Injuries and abnormalities;
  • Disease predispositions;
  • Sexual proclivities;
  • Decision-making;
  • Psychological defenses;
  • Exposure to influences;
  • Incivilities;
  • Peculiarities and more.

P.S. The more complete the set of requirements sent to us for review, the more complete the work will be in terms of items and areas of analysis.

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