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Kiev officials’ secrets revealed

It is possible to perfectly master acting and successfully disguise your hidden sides of character, creating the image of an ideal politician in front of the electorate. But there is something that will give away the whole underbelly of a person. The shape of nose, lips, forehead, mouth, facial wrinkles and barely visible folds on the face can tell about a person’s character, about his inclinations, fears much more than speeches written by PR experts. Experts in physiognomy have huge knowledge and closed methods of personality analysis and thanks to it they can define individual features, inclinations, health problems, subconscious and conscious blocks, energy, compatibility, professional predispositions, potential without even communicating with a person. All this is a part of psychological-physiognomic portrait of a personality, for drawing up of which it is enough just to look at a photo of a person.

The Kiev expert-physiognomist with 10-years experience of practical work Alisa Anisimova from the Center for the Study of Personality, which specializes on studying of personalities by method of physiognomic examination and drawing up of psychological portraits, has agreed to take part in our experiment.

We picked up a list of the most famous politicians of the capital level, in order to recognize their character peculiarities from their photos. To make the results of the experiment more objective, we cut the photos so that the expert-physiognomist could see only separate features of the face and could not recognize who it belonged to. Thus, Alisa Anisimova will be able to name the most key aspects of politicians’ personality.

Kiev officials’ secrets revealed

Alexander Popov

The eyes of the head of KSCA Alexander Popov told an expert-physiognomist about their owner’s desire to provide himself with guarantees in life and insure himself against unexpected surprises. “Muscle maps” of Popov’s eyes show that he often holds back and tries not to react emotionally to what is happening. Practical and adept at forecasting; he uses strategic planning often. The lowered outer corners of his eyes speak of the KSCA head’s tendency to criticize, but always justified. He tends to double-check and confirm all his plans with facts.

Leonid Chernovetsky

“Very unusual lip shape, especially the upper one,” Alisa Anisimova remarked while looking at a fragment of a photo of Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. Such a shape is a sign of a specific personal perception of oneself, and quite simple and open. That is, this person strives for clear and simple, minimal and brief. He has the energy of a “transparent type”, a kind of “gray cardinal”, a person who is able to adapt while maintaining his individuality.

Irena Kilchitskaya

Irena Kilchitskaya, the former deputy mayor of Kiev, has “iron lady” written all over her face. “This person has rare special personality characteristics that actively shape character and behavioral strategies, such as – a unique form of ‘business acumen,'” Alice remarked, looking at the nasolabial block. The wrinkles of the mid-cheekbones suggest vigor and precision of decisions with heightened emotionality. The eyes and the peculiar shape of the lower eyelid give away in Irena Kilchitskaya distrust and critical attitude to others. “If we had a task to find a manager – autonomous, grasping, efficient, capable of self-organization and able to solve systemic issues, Irena by physiognomic indicators is ideal. Her specialty is communication, emotional activity, and the ability to solve issues through communication, voice, presence, pressure and personal control,” summarized Alisa Anisimova.

Vitali Klitschko

The results of the physiognomic examination of facial features of Vitaliy Klitschko, the head of the same-name bloc in Kyiv City Council, turned out to be quite predictable. The shape of the lower jaw speaks about endurance of a politician and a boxer at the same time. The lower part of cheekbones testifies to the prevalence of strong-willed characteristics, rigidity of character and firmness of decisions. Contrastingly highlighted brow arches give away his assertiveness, and the directness of his gaze – aspiration and purposefulness.

Oles Dovhiy

The character of the Secretary of Kyiv Council Oles Dovgo, according to the physiognomic examination, turned out to be quite difficult. “This person is sociable and knows how to establish contacts, make an impression and the effect such as he seeks. Due to his intellectual abilities, he easily achieves the image of a person of “more mature age”, which, again, contributes to the expansion of his successful communications. Willing qualities – help him to adapt and correctly find ways to solve newly arisen problems. But his subconscious is quite “heavy”, aggressive and really mysterious. His abilities are revealed on 21%. Potential is also undiscovered on many fronts. Although self-realization has sufficiently “broken out” forward, which means that new opportunities will open up, and the perception of oneself will change,” summarized Alisa Anisimova.

Kiev officials’ secrets revealed

Viktor Yanukovych

“Specific shape of the nose,” Alisa Anisimova noted, examining a fragment of a photograph of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The wide wings of the nose mean that the man has experienced cynicism, disappointment and disgust, but now he is ready to defend his interests, is assertive, aims to achieve very large and labor-intensive goals. He is quite a strong personality, thanks to which he has learned to cope with any discomfort or problematic issues, and this is the hardest work – working on himself. He does not trust, though it is more correct to say does not open up to people. But he tries not to close himself off under any circumstances (which is a unique feature in this case).

He is a one-lover, family takes an important place in his life. This person loves struggle, risk, victory and knows how to wait. Very clearly in the “geography of facial muscles” and wrinkles are expressed exactly masculine qualities – willpower, the ability to achieve their assertiveness, confidence and calmness. A man strives for harmony, guarantees and creation of structured activity (he does not accept chaotic and superficiality)”.

Yulia Timoshenko

The raised wings of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s nose suggest that this woman would like to be a one-woman man, but distrust of people prevents her. She does not forgive treason, with competitors behaves manly tough. Women with such nostrils are good mothers. The shape of the eyes speaks of attentiveness to others, but this person always has her own opinion. Decisive and often categorical. A good organizer, while quite a dynamic strategist, not inclined to delay the solution of the issue or problem. She does not need time to think, it is very quickly included in complex situations.

Sergei Tigipko

Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Tihipko’s eyes, namely wrinkles in the area of the outer side of the lower eyelid, speak of flexibility and his ability to navigate situations very quickly. He quickly “pounces” on a task, tries to evaluate it immediately economically (he has an economic mindset, transformed from a purely technical one). The dynamics of permanent wrinkles under the lower eyelid speaks about the ability to present himself, he is assertive, purposeful and able to abstract. But the shape of the nose (bent inward wings) gives out in the politician cunning, flexibility of mind and the ability to adapt to any circumstances. Team worker, but puts clear only to him alone goals. Prone to hoarding. He likes women, knows how to interest them. But he prefers strong-willed, tough women leaders. Prone to allergies.

Mikhail Brodsky

Wrinkles in the eye area of Mikhail Brodsky, head of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship, testify to the duality of his character. On the one hand, it is his ability to achieve his goals: he has such qualities as assertiveness, diligence and the ability to correctly define his goals. And on the other hand – the ultimate softness: inner kindness, which he tries to hide from others, but save for the people closest to him. Judging by the muscle group of the lower eyelid and cheekbone block, now it is imperative for him to bring more creativity into his activities. This will be able to stimulate his energy system.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

“I would like to point out that eyelids and in general all paired parts of the face (eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows, etc.) – they are not symmetrical. It allows to analyze a very big spectrum of features of any personality. Thus, the shape of the upper right eyelid of this person, speaks of emotionality. Besides, this person is excessively concentrated on his emotions”, – told the physiognomist. Arseniy Yatsenyuk is peculiar to be cautious in life. The exception is the moments when emotions come to the forefront. At the same time he has an analytical mind, as evidenced by the ratio of the left eye to the eyelid and its shape. He is inclined to evaluate, predict, look closely at details.

Viktor Yushchenko

The shape of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko’s eyebrows speaks of his practicality and ability to calculate. Despite the fact that he needs a lot of time to make a decision, he is a strategist by nature, and very versatile. He has the ability to direct. In addition, Viktor Yushchenko has an unrealized talent for healing and energy directions in science, bioenergetics, for example. If he would develop his abilities, he could become a real healer.

Leonid Kuchma

An excellent economic manager by nature – a wrinkled block of area from the upper eyelid to the eyebrows of another ex-president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, testifies to this. “This man has a good ability to organize the household and any economic activity. He knows how to favor children, young teenagers,” Alisa Anisimova remarked. By the way, Leonid Kuchma has undisclosed abilities in the field of sports (swimming, in particular). This is evidenced by the property of the eye muscles to quickly group and reorganize – a characteristic feature for swimmers. “By the way, water is his energy restorer: both skin and energy,” Alice added.

It turns out that a politician’s face is his business card, and not only in the aesthetic sense. Like a mirror, it reflects the inner world of a person: his character, thoughts, aspirations and intentions. Changes “inside” (be it a change of outlook or activity) will immediately leave their mark on the face. So, if a friend you haven’t seen for a year, hardly recognized you, it means that the main changes have occurred “inside” you.
“Our face changes throughout life,” says Alisa Anisimova, while adding: “If you want to be beautiful, do beautiful things and experience beautiful emotions.”


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