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Do the brow arches give away the violence?

Р: Is it true that a person’s face is like an open book?

А: For an expert-physiognomist with 10 years of experience – yes. But not every person should be read, as it is a colossal energy expenditure and I, as a professional, separate where the work is (it is necessary to analyze for diagnostics and help), and where it is not. There is a lot of real work and you need strength for it. Otherwise, imagine, you go out on the street, and there are many different people – why do you need to know more about them? Of course, if someone attracts my attention by some peculiarity – then yes, I study it, but a person does not notice it, as it takes 3-5 seconds to analyze it (average duration of a “glimpse”).

Р: There are curiosities associated with the profession?

А: It happens. Especially when people recognize me and start hiding their faces while laughing. It also happens when people come up to me, for example, in a cafe and ask – have you studied me yet?

It can be interesting to watch the reactions, especially when the person I’m talking to is not aware of my professional direction. For example, recently I was sitting with a friend in a restaurant and a colleague of hers was due to arrive. As she pulled up and started to order her dish, a man came up to us and asked: while I was studying, did it seem to you that I had lung problems? The colleague at first thought it was a prank and started smiling. But she realized from my answer that he was serious.

Р: Many entertainment sites spoil us with explanations of how to recognize the essence of… well, for example, the groom by looking closely at his eyebrows, cheekbones, eye cut, birthmarks….

А: Oh yes, don’t tell…(laughs). Now there are a lot of underminers of the image of the science of physiognomy. The matter is that physiognomic examination is a scientific direction which defines with accuracy not only character of the person (character is the simplest thing), but all structure of his Personality and existing distortions, pathologies and potential. Only as you say “to look closely” should not be a philistine, but an expert – physiognomist, who has experience and knowledge of Personology, clinical psychology, psychology of traumas and a lot of other scientific tools, not to mention physiognomy (which has its own structure and scientific base consisting of more than 80 key directions). I devote a lot of time to expert development, adaptation of many techniques, conduct serious researches on the basis of which I can draw conclusions supported by experiment. So my line of work includes research and actively fights against information from entertainment sites to deceive those who really need the help of facial expertise and want to identify problems in order to get well. It’s just that nowadays people want to get quick money, but to professionally practice these very difficult areas – you really have to study hard and long and rarely anyone can stand it. Today I have two students and they both practice in the Center for the Study of Personality. So for expert physiognomy it is not necessary to go to entertaining portals.

Р: What is the most important criterion for determining that you are being deceived by physiognomy?

А: When they say that physiognomy predicts the future. It is at once a deception, as physiognomy is called to state only what is now (potential, illnesses, traumas and other) and past psychological traumas provided that their trace is left on a face (i.e. they are not experienced by the person).

Р: Sometimes the first reaction to a person is: she’s beautiful, you can’t take your eyes off her! And the next day, where were my eyes? What’s going on? And why is it that sometimes a beautiful woman, harmoniously molded by God, sometimes turns out to be a bitch or a fool?

А: The first reaction is always an energy docking (contact of one person’s energy with another person’s energy and mutual evaluation). A person’s energy is also his/her defense mechanism of the psyche. And if it is broken (!) then the evaluation of another person can be wrong, because the subconsciousness of a person fixes mainly the main thing – threat to life, and for fixing details (stupidity, bitchiness) – you need correctly set “parameters” at energy docking. And if there is no fear at the sight of a person you like and the energy “gives good”, but at the same time the protective ones are broken and the parameters are not set, then just the result of this will be “you can’t take your eyes off a beautiful woman!”. If this happens often and you are constantly mistaken in your choice, you need diagnostics with the exposition of your EQ. Otherwise you simply will not see what is obvious.

In addition, such problems as stupidity (immediately diagnosed on the face), lying (diagnosed both in the process and episodically, including the tendency to cheat), aggression – is considered in the training “Theory of Lying” ( – i.e. you can learn to see it if you want..

Р: Are all blondes and snub-nosed girls stupid? What would you say about Marilyn Monroe in that case?


There is no such division, there are stereotypes of perception and states, feelings, emotions. People change hair color based on a lot of factors (successfully emphasizes the oval of the face, easier to perceive, younger, more goes, fashion, etc.) and it is not related to stupidity. I feel more comfortable with a dark hair color, someone – someone likes partial dyeing in general – a matter of taste and desire, self-perception.
But features (pretentiousness, obvious inconvenience of a hairstyle, influence of a hairstyle on distortion of vision, etc.) – physiognomy attract and often participate in the analysis of an image of such Person and diagnostics of her psychological health.
Marilyn Monroe is feminine and attracts men by the way by her “physiognomic image”. Why physiognomic? There is such notion “physiognomic image” – the meaning of which is: choice of such style and mimicry, which is able to reach the set goal (in her case it is female magnetism, with a touch of “femme fatale” phenomenon).

Р: Is it true that thin lips give away evil, envious people? What else would you advise to pay attention to when getting to know a person?


Angry, yes. But for the envious, there are a number of things to consider. This is not only the area of the lips but also of the eyes, the complex matching of muscular reactions. Since envy is a constant and aggravating feature that constantly needs to be fed and reinforced, which then begins to spend this reinforcement against the envious person (such is the process of its flow).
In general, when getting acquainted, it is recommended to pay attention to the brow arches (cruelty), the openness of the gaze during normal communication (too open – it is neurosis, surprised – demonstrativeness, conflict, squinted with a tilt of the head – distrust, suspicion, mistrust). And it is necessary to pay attention to all this before the “trust factor” to a new person takes effect.

Р: Faina Ranevskaya is an amazing example of a person who became more beautiful in her old age than she was in her youth. Does that say anything?

А: Of course, about a lot of things. A person with age – enriched with a mass of new impressions, emotions, began to feel what made him more beautiful internally (groups of positive emotions), reflected on the face through personal spectra (character traits, personality, perception, thinking, etc.). I.e. she sincerely felt exactly the “right” feelings, not anger, aggression and other components destroying the youthfulness of the face.

Р: If our facial features are so closely related to our character, does plastic surgery change a person internally??

А: They are not “closely related” but directly dependent. Mimic muscles, unlike skeletal muscles, do not have a double attachment on the bones, and are woven into the skin or mucous membrane without fascia (Fascia is a sheath of dense fibrous connective tissue covering muscles, many internal organs, blood vessels, nerves) and, contracting, drive the skin. When relaxing from facial expressions – the skin returns to its previous state. This is the process that occurs with any facial expression. That is, what we are inside is what we experience: both facial expressions and micromimicry form permanent wrinkles on the face (which each of us has from birth). Character is thus fully reflected on the face, just to reveal it can only be a professional, as I said above – it is a large layer of knowledge and science. And what does plastic surgery do to us? It stretches the skin artificially, and for some period of time brings the facial muscles into complete inactivity. But if we haven’t changed inside, we will experience the same thing and wrinkles will appear again pretty soon. Another thing – if we have changed inside! Then we don’t need plastic surgery either and it will be replaced by a completely different face, with a new character on it. Thus, plastic surgery can change us internally only if we are willing and participate in feeling and sensing. Otherwise, the muscular reactions of our intrinsic sensations – will bring back the former face.

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