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Plunder and conquer. What our politicians will do after the end of the world

Initial comments by physiognomist expert Alisa Anisimova on politicians for the article:

Tyahnybok’s first reaction to the apocalypse will be an emotional pause, a check of the situation. After that – an assessment of people’s actions and a quick decision to evacuate.”
Tigipko’s reaction will be to calm the people around him, to try to control the situation and make sharp decisions.”
Klitschko’s reaction will be local – depending on the surrounding situation (will protect what is nearby), after which he will take steps to mobilize.”
Mykola Azarov’s behavior in a non-standard situation will consist of two stages. The first – to assess the situation and inform all possible instances in order to make a comprehensive decision. The second stage – to take care of his family and loved ones. The first reaction is emotional, but moving into practical steps.”
Levochkin’s reaction is to verify the information and assess the situation. After that – search for options for work during such cataclysms and subsequent orders and steps.””
Yatsenyuk’s reaction is emotional, he will immediately take steps to save the family (if it is near), solve the issue of evacuation and in parallel assess the situation”

Responsibility for the text of the article lies with the journalist of the newspaper “Vzglyad”.

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