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Name: Alisa Anisimova
Age: 31 years
Profession: expert physiognomist








The urge to analyze
Since childhood, I was interested in observing and analyzing things that many people did not pay any attention to. At school, for example, I tried to understand: why someone writes in round letters, and someone flat? I knew that everything has its explanation, but I didn’t know how to find the appropriate key to each of them. I got acquainted with physiognomy before studying at the University named after T. Shevchenko. It was then that a fateful event happened for me. I became the only one who was selected for training in closed methods of physiognomy – a science that allows you to determine a person’s personality type and mental qualities, based on the analysis of characteristic features of the face.

Answers to questions
Often physiognomy is tried on the mask of occult. In fact, physiognomy is a factual science. I have been studying the field of physiognomy for more than 10 years. It is a very complex system of scientific knowledge (including medicine, forensics, dermatology, psychosomatics, muscle injuries…). Thanks to physiognomy it is possible to answer such questions as “what is bothering him at the moment?”, “is he lying?”, “what is the reason for this action?”, “will this person steal?”, etc. Answers to these questions the expert-physiognomist reads on a person’s face. For example, protrusion of lips, both constitutional and as a result of taking over from environment, speaks about low intellect of their owner. If they are large – about weak concepts of morality and the problem of choice, weak character, slowness and aggressiveness. But each personality is individual, so to make a qualitative analysis, you need a comprehensive view.

The clinic of the future
My mission is to help people. It is for this purpose that the Center for the Study of Personality (CSP was created – a scientific base on the basis of which research of various physiognomic phenomena is carried out, where one can get information of interest, etc. I have a lot of plans ahead of me. On the basis of the center I dream to create a clinic, which would become a point of reference in the struggle with personality problems of people, where each specialist would work on a certain profile.

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