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A psychological portrait as a gift

What’s that?

It is a psychological portrait – gift-oriented to the person under study, compiled on the basis of using a number of special techniques of studying personality.
It is presented in a specially designed form, has a practical (recommendatory) part, can include additional study materials (if desired). Flexible order, depending on the task at hand.
The number of pages depends on the number of questions, negotiated individually.
Design design – as a gift.


The task of this work is to make an unusual and amazing gift to a person, namely to give him or her something that you appreciate and love in him or her. The work helps to reveal the personality in such a way as to trace the potential aptitudes, abilities, orientations of a person.
In addition, work can be interesting primarily for lovers, family members, romantic relationships, working relationships, partners and friends.

Job Options:

  • friend / boyfriend (my girlfriend);
  • sweetheart / lover;
  • boss / boss lady;
  • etc. depending on the customer’s wish.

Directions and Methods

The human analysis in this paper includes the following areas:

  • a number of physiognomic techniques;
  • the method of studying at a distance;
  • method of morphoscopy (spots, acne, birthmarks, scars);
  • the method of prediction in a number of directions and manifestations;
  • etc.

Through these techniques are explored:

  • temperament;
  • character;
  • orientation;
  • predispositions to certain activities;
  • problematic aspects, predispositions;
  • painful predispositions;
  • sexual inclinations;
  • decision-making;
  • psychological defenses;
  • fixations;
  • exposure to influences;
  • peculiarities, etc.
At the end of the work, recommendations and Conclusion are indicated.
Changes in the scope of the service provided is discussed individually and evaluated by agreement.
Individual design in accordance with your wishes – 50 $
P.S. The more complete the set of requirements sent to us for study, the photos will meet the necessary quality – the more complete, in terms of points and areas of analysis, the work will be.

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