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One compatibility prediction with a brief psychological profile

Psychological portrait of a loved one for compatibility.
Brief psychological portrait of one person with compatibility prediction.

What’s that?

It is a brief psychological portrait (it is possible to complete) and prediction of compatibility with someone else (a number of people), made on the basis of using a number of special techniques of studying personality.
It is presented in the form of a table, has a descriptive part.
The number of pages depends on the number of questions and is negotiated individually.

The task of this work is to reveal the whole spectrum of personality: in the refraction of its compatibility with a certain person (or a number of people). The type of work is chosen by the psychologist, for a more capacious and specific prediction of the situation.
In addition, the work can be interesting for personal and family relationships, as well as in business (when the business is partner, family or created with a loved one or close friend).

Directions and Methods

The human analysis in this paper includes the following areas:

  • several Japanese and American physiognomic techniques (light analysis, typological technique, graphic linear analysis technique, etc.);
  • the method of studying at a distance;
  • the method of morphoscopy (spots, acne, birthmarks, scars);
  • somatization method;
  • the method of prediction on a number of directions and manifestations;
  • etc.

Through these techniques are explored:

  • temperament;
  • character;
  • orientations;
  • proclivities and physique;
  • traumas and abnormalities;
  • morbid predispositions;
  • sexual proclivities;
  • decision making;
  • psychological defenses;
  • exposure to influences;
  • fixations;
  • peculiarities, etc.
At the end of the work, recommendations for communication are given, and in the descriptive part Conclusion.
P.S. The more complete the set of requirements sent to us for study, the photos will meet the necessary quality – the more complete, in terms of points and areas of analysis, the work will be.

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