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Training course “Personality Analysis by Facial Features”

The training course program consists of three blocks:

• block of inorganic (element-by-element) analysis of the face

• the unit of assembling the elements into a single portrait. Physiognomic psychoanalysis

• individual work unit



• Introduction to physiognomy. Possibilities of physiognomy. Process of analysis, results. Types of a face. Physiognomic phenomena

Block 1: Proorganic (element-by-element) detailed psychoanalysis

• Analyzing the shape of the head. Phrenology

• Analyzing the elements of the face

• Wrinkle analysis

• Analyzing facial expressions

• Skin, hair, hairstyle, mustache, beard, baldness

Block 2: Workshop of physiognomic psychoanalysis

• Assembling physiognomic factors into a single psychological portrait

• A holistic in-depth psychoanalysis of personality based on all physiognomic data

• A study of personality through examples

• Analyzing partners and finding psychological influences, approaches and optimal docking compatibility

• Creative physiognomy, or “freestyle facial expressions”

Block 3: Individual work

• Practical work of the participants with the portraits provided by the trainer or by the participants themselves at a holistic and in-depth level

• Physiognomic individual diagnostics of participants

Duration: 20 hours.

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